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Lizardmen 1500 - Sacred Host of Tzunki
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Default Lizardmen 1500 - Sacred Host of Tzunki

I'm new to Fantasy, but this is my first go at a Lizardman list... I'm not very happy with the unit of Terradons, so I may well drop them for 3 more Cold Ones or upgrades for the cavalry, pending the feedback I get. I liked the Tzunki spawning rules as it gives me a bit more mobility and speed for the Saurus, even if it is largely wasted on the Skinks. The general idea is for the Scar-Vet to party with the 15-man Saurus unit, and the Priest with the smaller unit of Skirmishers to give some back-hanging but still mobile spell support. The Quetzel spawning on the spear team is to make up for the fact that I would be afraid of loosing alot of Saurus in charges otherwise. So take a look, and tell me what you think!

Heros (2)

Halberd, Light Armour, Shield
Blade of Realities, Bane Head
Spawning of Tzunki, Blessed Mark of the Old Ones

Skink Priest
Level 2, Curse-Charm of Tepok
Spawning of Tzunki

Core Choices (4)

15 Saurus Warriors
Spawning of Tzunki
Musician, Standard Bearer

16 Saurus Warriors
Spawning of Tzunki
Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer

12 Skink Skirmishers (Javalins & Shields)
Spawning of Tzunki

11 Skink Skirmishers (Blowpipes & Hand Weapons)
Spawning of Tzunki

Special Choices (3)

15 Saurus Warriors
Spawning of Tzunki, Spawning of Quetzl
Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer

5 Saurus Cavalry
Standard Bearer

3 Terradons

Total: 1498 Points

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Default Re: Lizardmen 1500 - Sacred Host of Tzunki

Well, i'm not actually a lizardman player, but have dabbled at learning the rules as my girlfirends sister collects them.

Your army is lacking in some of the very powerfull force a lizzie horde can make. These would be a good place to use kroxigors in place of perhaps the terradon, as you've said your not fussed, to give your saurus more of a punch rather than slowly dishing it out. Your list seems pretty powerfull, when you get into close combat I'd hate to see your enemies face, though watch out your going to get completely outshot very easily, keep it in mind because somewtimes the lizzie army can muster considerable archery, so if you want to keep an aspect of that nearby, take the terradons, their hit and run rule will come in handy in flanck charges and hunting.

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