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Chaos 3000pt list
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Default Chaos 3000pt list

I have put together a 3000 point list, as I have a fair few 2000 pt lists, and would like to work up to new "epic levels of game playing", or something like that. Anyways, here is my first list:

Exalted Champion of Chaos - Level 4, Gaze of the Gods, Barded Chaos Steed, Power familiar - 374 points

Exalted Champion of Khorne - Armour of Tortured Souls, Great Weapon, Daemonic Mount - 229 points
Aspiring Champion of Tzeench - Battle Standard Bearer, Blasted Standard - 225 points
Sorcerer of Chaos - Level 2, Spell Familiar - 135 points

Core units
Chariot of Khorne - 150
5 Chosen Knights of Chaos - Full Command, Banner of Wrath - 325 points
12 Warriors of Khorne - Full Command, Additional hand weapons - 269 points
12 Warriors of Tzeench - Full Command, Shields - 230 points
15 Marauders of Chaos - Full Command, Great Weapons, Light Armour, Shields - 160 points

Special units
10 Furies - 150 points
15 Bloodletters - Full Command - 275 points
10 Screamers - 330 points

Rare units
2 Firewyrms of Tzeench - 150 points

Of this list, I need to get
Mounted Sorcerer - 7
Champion of Tzeench - 7
12 Warriors - 18
15 Bloodletters - 47
10 Screamers - 60

Straight away, it's obvious that that many screamers is out of the question 60 is Games Workshop extortion in the extreme. Also, 10 screamers is a bit much, perhaps just 5 or 6 would do better. So what to spend the remaining points on? Perhaps a combination of horrors, spawn and further character upgrades...
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Default Re: Chaos 3000pt list

yes i agree completetly to what your saying about the screamers maybe instead get another chariot or some more knights.

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