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General 40K (4 Viewing)
"In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war."
As in anything not related to an individual army, but still about 40K...
5,412 107,945
A board dedicated to the fluff of the entire 40k-iverse, encompassing the fluff available in 40k, Epic, BFG, Inquisitor, Necromunda, the Forgeworld and Black Library books and supplements.
650 19,883
This board is for discussing everything about the 40k Expansions, including Apocalypse, Cities of Death and the up coming Planetstrike!
25 Jan 2018 02:58 Go to last post
295 4,150
Here is the place to discuss campaigns from experiences to rules to anything else in between concerning campaigns!
15 111
Tau (21 Viewing)
"The one constant in our universe is change, the wise adapt."
Talk about Tau and join in our quest to re-write the stars in the name of the greater good.
01 Jun 2018 18:51 Go to last post
14,680 218,361
Tau Army Lists (4 Viewing)
This board is where all Tau army lists should be posted. All other Tau discussions should be in the main "Tau" board.
24 Jan 2018 15:08 Go to last post
3,859 25,609
Craftworld Eldar (3 Viewing)
"Their arrogance is matched only by their firepower"
The Eldar were once rulers of the galaxy, but disaster befell them. This section is for Craftworld Eldar.
3,204 34,060
Eldar Army Lists (2 Viewing)
A board where all the Army List as well as Battle Report topics should go.
578 3,224
Our time will not come again. Our time is now.
02 Apr 2018 13:07 Go to last post
8 150
Dark Eldar (1 Viewing)
"We are not creatures of shadow but it serves us well. As an ally in battle and a refuge for rest."
Learn the ways of the Dark Kin here.
777 7,628
Necrons (1 Viewing)
"Life-hating, utterly ruthless and life consuming, the armies of the C'tan are out to harvest the galaxy."
Learn how to command an army of these warriors, as well as the secrets that surround them.
1,190 13,986
This board is where all Necron army lists should be posted. All other Necron-related discussions should be in the main "Necron" board.
243 1,551
`Ere We Go, Ere We Go! We'z be Green, We'z be Mean, We'z be Mad! Come 'ere for a krumpin'
2,362 24,932
This board is where all Ork army lists should be posted. All other Ork discussions should be in the main "Ork" board.
525 3,430
Tyranids (1 Viewing)
"The Great Beast, Devourer of Worlds is ever the predator, constantly hyper-evolving to meet its destiny."
The Tyranids hunt their prey within.
2,019 22,880
This board is where all Tyranid army lists should be posted. All other Tyranid discussions should be in the main "Tyranid" board.
371 2,487
Imperial Guard (2 Viewing)
"Stand fast and die like Guardsmen!"
The Imperial Guard is the first, last and often only line of defence for humanity. Fall in, soldier, and we will teach you how to fight for the Emperor!
3,608 47,478
Step right up, Commander, and report to us your planned army to use in a fight, or your experiences on the battlefield.
840 4,778
Space Marines (3 Viewing)
"And they shall know no fear."
The Marines are the finest of the Imperium's warriors; Discuss them here.
5,071 56,772
This board is where all Space Marine army lists and battle reports should be posted. All other space Marine discussions should be in the main "Space Marine" board.
1,187 6,123
This board will function as the new Tactica board and will also be used as an archive.
29 213
The Inquisition (1 Viewing)
"Everything you've been told is a lie"
Discover the secrets of the Inquisition's finest and how to seek out the Heretic, Mutant, Traitor, the Xenos and Daemon in these hallowed halls.
1,741 15,192
Forces of Chaos (3 Viewing)
"Cruel Marauders, Ruthless Overlords - Traitors all."
Renegades, Traitors, Mutants, Daemons - Discuss the ways of Mankind's most dreaded enemies, the minions of Chaos!
3,464 32,308
Chaos Army Lists (1 Viewing)
The place to put your Chaos Army lists!
711 4,242
A place to discuss Chaos Daemons, swap army lists and tactics and to generally find more out about the denizens of the Warp.
79 543
This board is for the 40K armies that aren't considered the mainstream armies. Mainstream armies all have their own boards (Above). This board is for armies like Harlequins, Kroot Mercs and Arbites.
309 2,974
Battle Reports (1 Viewing)
The place for all the Battle Reports to go!
625 4,211

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