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Gaming Clubs
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Default Gaming Clubs

As suggested by Tiwaz, AKA: Lonely Tau, we're going to setup a thread to collect information on gaming clubs. What we need for information is the following. Below is just an example:

Name: Name of the Club (if applicable)
Location: Where the Club is. General area is fine if there's no specific location.
Members: How many members in the Club
Contact: Who and how to contact the Club
Info: Some general info on the Club

To keep things clean, PM Boneguard or myself the information and we'll add it to the list in this thread.

Gaming Clubs

Name: BWGC (BridgWater Gaming Club) (if applicable)
Location: Bridgwater YMCA, Somerset, south west England.
Members: Varies from week to week, normall about 6-10 of us.
Contact: you can contact me at matdragon@hotmail.co.uk
Info: The club runs at our local YMCA every saturday from 12 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon. Various games are played, people genurally play whatever they want. its a gaming club not specific. Mainly warhammer 40k, some fantasy, warmachine ect are the main played games. Entry is 2.50 .

Name: Phoenix Gaming Club
Location: Rushden, Northamptonshire
Members: Around 40, but we usually get 20-30 show up per meeting
Contact: Masked Thespian, or check out the Club's forum
Info: Gaming Club that meets weekly (every Tuesday from 7pm to 11pm). We play a variety of tabletop wargaming game systems including WFB, 40k, Warhammer Historical, Full Thrust, Flames of War, Monsterpocalypse and Wings of War. We also cater to roleplayers (we have a long-running DnD v3.5 game that runs every other week), CCGers and board gamers. We are a GCN club.

Location: N'Ireland, Bangor, Good templar Hall.
Members: Usually about 7 members playing 40k
Contact: Replay Computer games, (028) 9145 2210
Info: Its a club that offers many things from 40k, Yu-gi-oh, xbox and other games. There is about 25 members weekly with about 7 playing 40k. Club runs from 1100 to 1700 with a door price. 2.50 for entry.

Name: Cellar Dwellars
Location: Huddersfield, at the Laserzone.
Members: About 20-30.
Contact: Well we had a site but gave up on it cause nobody cared about it. Anyone wanting to know about it best off PM me (Kovash745).
Info: All variety of games played, we have 40k, fantasy, battlefleet gothic, think a few guys play necromunda, bloodbowl. We also have a few Hordes/Warmachine players but GW seem to make the games most played. Meet on a monday, 4pm till whenever we get bored and go home. 1 for the evening if you play, 50p if you don't

Name: A20 Gamers
Location: Detling, Kent
Members: 10-20.
Contact: www.a20gamers.co.uk - You should find all the information on there, failing that, ask in the forums!
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