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Default Re: Announcements

This is a general warning to everyone - DO NOT POST GW COPYRIGHTED INFORMATION

We have rules against this on the forum for good reason, and it really doesn't matter how excited we are for the new codex coming out, we all still need to abide by the forum rules. We have to be strict about this because GW is not at all shy about enforcing their copyrights, and again with good reason, if they didn't their business could be seriously financially harmed, and that's not good for any of us in this hobby, and violating their intellectual property is not good for anyone on this forum.

Please bear this in mind as we enter into the upcoming month and refresh your understanding of the Forum Rules if you have to. Feel free to discuss the rumored rules changes, mechanics changes, and things of that nature - we have a Tyranid 5th Ed Codex Rumors thread for that kind of stuff over in the News and Rumors forum until the Codex is released and we start compiling discussions and evaluations here.

If you are unsure if what you are about to post is going to violate our policy, do yourself a favor and refrain from posting it, and feel free to PM one of the moderators here to see if it will pass muster. Don't try to skirt around the spirit of the rule, or attempt to make an end run around it in case you find some sort of wording issue that you want to try and interpret as unclear. I can't stress this enough, if you are even at all unsure about it, do not post it.

In time we'll all have access to the new codex and conversations can resume as normal following the forum policies, where we're able to talk knowledgeably about the rules and personally know the specific costs for things without mentioning them here on the forum. But until that time, please be extra careful regarding this stuff.
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