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Archaic Evolutionary Strains - Archived Tyranid Information
Closed Thread
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Default Archaic Evolutionary Strains - Archived Tyranid Information

IMPORTANT, Please Read:
This thread will serve to house older out of date information and links. We've had a lot of excellent threads posted here in the past by members which still contain decent information. These threads span a good deal of time however, and some of the discussion surrounds old Codex or Rulebook information. With the advent of the new 5th Edition codex in just a few weeks time, all of this information will be referencing rules that are out of date. It's important when reading these posts, that you bear in mind the dates they were written and the relevant rule sets that they reference. We will be keeping a new stickied topic for up to date 5th Edition Codex + 5th Edition Rulebook discussions, meaning everything here is either 4th Edition Codex / 5th Ed Rulebook or older.
-- Nezalhualixtlan: December 23, 2009


OK, I really don't know how much clearer I can make it. Herein you will find the answers to most of your problems straight up!! These topics are either exceedingly interesting to Tyranid players, or directly concern them. Happy reading! May the swarm be with you. (I'm sorry - I couldn't resist that last bit! Really!!)

Read this first!!! Or be consumed….
This is my introduction to you to the forums. Gives a brief overview of forum rules, my own standards I apply to my moderation, and a bit of a quick-start guide to Tyranids. It has been recently updated, now incorporating a link to Wargamers topic "What to get for your army" (found in the "Introduce yourself" forum). It also has the addition of my reply to "Gamer S.O.S.", a cry for help asking us all why we play Tyranids. Essential in an introduction to an army and the forum thereof wouldn't you agree?

The Flexifex - A Carnifex For All Occasions
Originally started as a guide for Tyranid players using the maximally possible convertible Carnifex. Hunter unfortunately (as most of us do, despite being told to the contrary that it's a waste of points and therefore our time) fell prey (I'm so funny! ;D) to the uber beast of combat that is possible with T7, 5 wounds, regeneration, Crushing Claws, Tusks, and tail weapon. Thus ending the saga. However. What is posted within is a link to the conversion board topic of Hive Lord's efforts at the very same project. In addition, we've got some pictures of Hunter's beast of destruction. All, including the link, well worth a read.

Are Synapse Creatures Psykers?
Brief discussion on the reasons why Synpase Creatures are Psykers.

Some Recommendations on Tyranid A-Z
IVEATCH's top efforts on something that as yet I didn’t have the opportunity to update or even start! Why, well, that’s detailed within. Follow instructions to find terms you are after.

Know Your Enemy – Be Not The Prey [OUTDATED – Old 3rd Ed Codex]
Know Yourself – Be The Predator [OUTDATED – Old 3rd Ed Codex]

These two incredible documents detail the way in which you can best use your Tyranids army – the first topic regards defensive play, and the second regards offensive play. Two things must be kept in mind here:
Originally Posted by The Hive Custodian
DISCLAIMER: First, I am not a perfect player, and so there may be things here that are not effective. This is the best advice I can give you as far as my experience and analysis therof can go. Second, these guides are written so that they describe the most brutal, efficient way (to my knowledge) to fight with Tyranids. If such things are taboo in your area, you may not want to follow all of this advice. Don't just imitate; think about it.
These documents, as you can see, are derived from The Hive Custodian’s own experiences. The disclaimer is well written and advised, you should regard this with all guides you find upon not just the Tyranids board, but I would say any document of gameplay advice on this site. Also, even though they are “outdated”, there are still many things that still hold true, even though this playguide was written based upon the Old Codex, and indeed the old version of 40k.
All of the playguides are still a very good source of information for new players. So still give them a read. Even veteran players should do so, as they can give you insights you may have been unaware of, or even another viewpoint that can make you say “Huh. I never looked at it that way. Maybe that is viable.”, causing you to possibly change your opinion.


So there you have it. Some of the most important documents for all of you Tyranid players on this website. Except for the other stickies, of course. Updates will be posted in the Announcements thread. I strongly advise you read them all, most importantly if you are starting, the Ultimate Tyranid Codex Review, Know Your Enemy – Be Not The Prey [OUTDATED – Old Codex] and Know Yourself – Be The Predator [OUTDATED – Old Codex]. By the way – if you ask pointless questions which are easily found within these topics, like “Help please, just starting”…well. Read this. It'll be very helpful. Then read the stickies.


It is generally frowned upon to ask questions answered by simply searching around yourself. Please use the Browser Search/Find function to find the content you're looking for. The Find/Search Function can be found by going to Edit > Find (in IE) or by pressing [ctrl]+[f] (also in IE). This is for things you wish to find on one page. For a forum-wide search, there is a Search Function on the forums allowing members to search for topics of interest, but more importantly it allows users to check to see if the topic they are creating has been created before. Doing this would mean topics do not recur so people don't waste their time repeating what has already been said. Furthermore it is extremely irritating to senior members here as we have posted regarding certain topics over and over and over, which is not enjoyable. So I ask all members who are posting here to first check whether their topic has already been done.

Largely you will find threads like that locked, and yourself redirected here. Do take the time to read these. We don’t write them by bashing our heads against the keyboard, we put serious thought, time and effort in to help people like yourself out.


Have fun, and happy posting. Remember, any problems, just give me a hoi via PM. Anytime, it’s always welcome.


[size=8pt]Thanks go to Hunter, from whom I shamelessly flogged the stuff on searching...although I did edit it a bit.[/size]
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Default Need More Information On Tyranids?

This is something that I believe is needed around here. A readily available source of information for those of you that wish to know more about Tyranids. A database, if you will, of information that you may not know exists, or simply a collection of links that are handily collected in one place for your convenience. If you think you have something that would be useful to the other players/members of the forums, then please, as always, feel free to PM me with a link to your source of information.

Hive Fleet Moloch
The best conversion site for Tyranids by far. If you need ideas for conversion, look no further. Marco Schultz is an unadulterated genius. His ideas and implementation thereof are unsurpassed. The pictures will make you drool. Awesome inspiration for imagery of Tyranids and (in case I failed to mention it before ) conversions.

An excellent site of conversions of our two favorite alien races. C'mon, we've all thought about doing this at some point after watching the movies!

Wikipedia entry: Tyranids
Storyline, species breakdown, everything. Wikipedia rules. Can’t really get more comprehensive than this, so as the lazy so-and-so I am, I linked to it. And you didn’t think of it first. :P

What’s a Zoat? That’s a Zoat. Zoats used to be a slave race to the Tyranids. Kind of a cool concept with the awesome psychic ability of the Hive Mind being so powerful as to enslave a whole race. The new codex tells a bit, as do other sources, but essentially what they say happened (to write them out of fluff) is that they broke free of the Hive Mind. The Zoats were scattered, broken before the onslaught of the vengeful - or perhaps just still hungry - Hive Mind/Tyranids. As they were no longer part of the Tyranids, I would say that the Hive Mind reacted to their presence as it does to every other - EAT IT!!! Thus, with the Tyranids hot on their heels, as well as the rest of the galaxy (they broke free in the middle of the Imperium/a Hive fleet attack upon), they were beset from all sides and destroyed. You know those mollusc-like stone kinda ships mentioned in the fluff in the codex? Those were Zoat ships. It mentions the last of them being destroyed by the Imperium.

Thanks go to Veq and Hive Lord for their links which I've included here.

Cleaned up some links and removed a few. Sad to see all the excellent GW articles gone forever. ~Gada
Cleaned up and removed a few more expired links... -Nezalhualixtlan

If you're having trouble recognising my accent...it's educated.

..."because music is in everything, it's the richness of the music that enrichens our lives." - Jay-Z

7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable

"As soon as there is life there is danger." Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1860
"God created Man in his own image, and Man, being a gentleman, returned the compliment." - Mark Twain

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Default In-Depth Information - Units & Tactics

Happily, we've been having more in-depth tacticas written, so I've decided to have a place to compile them all! Eventually I hope to have one for each unit so that people can come here if they need specific thoughts on how to use units. Here's a list of what we have and what we need:

Note from Phage: The links provided in this topic are direct links; they will take you directly to the message/post (not just the topic) that is the most relevant to the tactica you wish to read.


A Tyrant Primer: A Comprehensive Guide to Starting Tyranids

-A Brief Introduction
--Gada Mazaha

-Tyranid Abbreviations and Terms

-Building a Flying Circus


-Hive Tyrant
-The Best Skimmer Killer

-Hive Tyrant

-Tyrant Guard
--Covered in the Hive Tyrant Tactica by Alcibiates, after the Weapon Symbiotes section (you'll have to scroll down a bit).

--How many ways can Tyranids be better than you? (part 1 of 4) - Alcibiates' review of Broodlords and their retinue
--How many ways can Tyranids be better than you? (part 1 of 4) - Alcibiates' example Broodlord configurations, as well as optimal tactics for each one.
--Broodlord Strategy - 77's tips on how to use a Broodlord and his retinue effectively.

-Tyranid Warriors
--An absolutely amazing guide on how to make a Warrior themed army, what are the pros and cons of Warriors, why you should take Warriors...you get the picture. Aunny plays regularly with Warriors, so when he made this guide I was positively thrilled. No really. I was. I am!
Quite posssibly one of the most thematically stong army lists/threads you'll ever read, I thoroughly recommend reading this thread, if only for the new horizons and usages that I guarantee it will open up for you.
-Middle Support Warriors
--A description of using Warriors in shooting and assault - like a one-two hit to the prey.

-Lictors: Part 2 - Application
--Phage (being written if I feel it's needed after reviewing 77's excellent article!)

--How many ways can Tyranids be better than you? (part 1 of 4) - Alcibiates take on Genestealers

-Termagaunts vs. Spinegaunts
--Phage (being written)
-Gaunt Theory by yoritomo

--Phage (being written)

--Ripper Tactica, by Lt_sparky

-Part II - Raveners: Assault, Shooting & Standard Missions

--Phage (being written)

-Spore Mine Clusters
-Spore Mine Clusters: Part 2



-Carnifexes, Introduction to; Close Combat
-Ranged Carnifexes
-Carnifex Weapons



CityFight: Nid's stratagem Tactica - Traviper, with thanks going to MalVeauX

The Ultimate Codex Tyranid 4th Edition Review/Tactica - Compiled by Aunny, submissions by Hive Lord, Hunter, UXO & Aunny
Kind of an all-in-one...read it if you want a different view on units and their uses. Remember, we all have our own playing style and tactics.

Scout Sergeant Mkoll's Codex Review - Tactics on how you can use your Swarm leaders and broods.

Tactica: Mission Objectives - [i]How to use your swarm effectively to achieve mission objectives.



Making Warriors into Raveners by Gada Mazaha


If anybody wants to write one, I'd be more than happy to put it up here for everyone to read/critique/do whatever with so that we can have easy access to good information on all of our units! (I like working on non-school related stuff too much, I think...)

I'm also having a thought that writing a tactica on how to kill each army could be cool, although I'm not entirely sure how good those tacticas would come out since armies can turn out so differently. Any thoughts on it are well appriciated.
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Default Tyranids 5th Edition FAQ

Here is the updated 5th Edition FAQ for Tyranids.

For those of you to lazy to click the link, here they are.

Important new changes are marked in bold. My own comments are in italics. If you have further questions feel free to post in this thread.

Page 28 – The Hive Mind and Synapse Creatures, second bullet point. The second sentence should be changed as follows:
Tyranids within Synapse range as described above (including the Synapse Creature itself) are not
affected by the Instant Death rule.
Note that this does not apply to Ripper Swarms.
With the new change to Force Weapons causing Instant Death, our Hive Tyrants and Carnifexes are now immune to those!

Page 28 – Instinctive Behaviour, second paragraph. The first sentence should be changed as follows:
If all models in a Tyranid brood begin their Movement phase more than 12” away from a Synapse Creature, and that unit is not Fearless, falling back or already in combat, it will revert to Instinctive Behaviour.
That's right! Carnifexes and Lictors no longer test for Instinctive Behavior.

Page 30 – Ranged Weapon-symbiotes, first paragraph.
The last sentence will be changed to:
A Tyranid carrying two of the same ranged weapon counts them as a single twin-linked weapon. Page 31, Lash Whips, second paragraph. The paragraph should be changed as follows: Enemy models fight with one less attack (to a minimum of 1), for each Tyranid equipped with a lash whip they are in base contact with.

Page 46, Carnifex, Weapon Symbiotes.
The cost of the Barbed Strangler should be changed to 20 points instead of the current 20/25

The Tyranid Codex doesn’t designate unit types for its Codex entries. How does this work?
A. All Tyranids are Infantry, unless otherwise specified in their special rules or Biomorphs.

Q. Is the Hive Tyrant an independent character?
A. No, so it cannot join other units. The only exception to this is, of course, its retinue of Tyrant Guard. This unit follows the rules for retinues (except that the Hive Tyrant counts as an upgrade character with this unit) until the Guards are all destroyed, at which point the Hive Tyrant reverts to the normal rules for monstrous creatures.

Q. Do Spore Mines cause pinning as they are resolved as barrage weapons?
A. Yes, they are barrage weapons in all respects, except when their rules specify otherwise. After all, explosive jellyfish raining from the sky is a pretty unsettling experience for any enemy!
Spore Mines cause Pinning!

Q. If a Spore Mines Cluster deep strikes and lands on an enemy unit or impassable terrain, does it suffer a deep strike mishap, or does it detonate?
A. It detonates – resolve the barrage in exactly the same way as you would for a cluster fired in the Shooting phase (including Pinning tests).
So don't let your opponent argue with you that they Mishap.

Q. If my Biovores fire a Spore Mines Cluster at an enemy model and score a hit, the rules say that I should resolve the explosion at the end of the phase. How does this work?
A. If the cluster lands on an enemy model it detonates immediately, as it would be awkward to have to hold models on top of each other. In any other case, the cluster explodes at the end of the relevant phase.

Q. If a bio-acid Spore Mine detonates and hits a vehicle, its Strength is listed as 2D6+3. As it is a blast weapon, is this Strength value halved if the hole in the centre of the template is not over vehicle in question?
A.No, because they do not use their basic strength and apply a special rule instead. Bio-acid Spore Mines always roll 2D6+3 to penetrate vehicle armour, giving an average value of 10.

Q. If a Carnifex or Hive Tyrant has two twin- linked devourers or deathspitters (ie. four of the same weapon), does it get to fire two twin-linked weapons? In other words, does firing a twin- linked weapon count as firing one or two weapons?
A. Firing a single twin-linked weapon counts as firing one weapon, so a Carnifex/Tyrant so armed gets to fire two twin-linked weapons.

Q. After a Synapse creature detonates Spore Mines, if it wishes to assault in the subsequent Assault phase, must it [assault an enemy that was hit by the Spore Mines?
A. Detonating Spore Mines does not mean the Synapse creature has to charge any particular unit.

Q. If a creature has Rending Claws, do Bio-Plasma or attacks from its tail benefit from the rending ability?
A. No, as these attacks are covered by their own special rules.
There was some debate about this a while ago, and some players insisted that Bio-plasma can be effected by Rending. This has now been cleared up.

Q. How long does a target unit benefit from the Catalyst psychic power?
A. For the Assault phase during which it is cast.

Q. How do the Eldar Runes of Witnessing work when facing a Hive Tyrant with Shadow in the Warp?
A.The Runes neutralize the effect of the Shadow in the Warp for that Farseer, so the Farseer will take psychic tests using 2D6, as normal.
Again, there was some debate as to what would happen if these two came into play.

Q. Which Tyranid psychic powers are psychic shooting attacks?
A. Warp Blast.

Q. Can a single creature take both types of Adrenal Glands at once?
A. Yes, they count as separate Biomorphs.

Q. If an enemy unit is attacked by two (or more) creatures with Toxic Miasma, are the effects cumulative?
A. The effects are not cumulative.

Q. When a Hive Tyrant with Toxic Miasma has Tyrant Guards, are all attacks made against the unit at -1 WS?
A. Only if all Tyrant Guard in the unit have been killed, or if the Hive Tyrant is the only model engaged. Otherwise, Toxic Miasma has no effect on attacks directed at the Hive Tyrant/Tyrant Guard unit.

Q. How does a monstrous creature’s 2D6 roll for armour penetration in close combat work if the creature has Rending Claws as well?
A. When rolling for armour penetration, the creature gets to add a D3 to the total for each dice that comes up with a 6. So, if either of the two dice is a six, the total penetration roll will be 2D6+D3+S; if both were 6s, the total would be 12+2D3+S (which is more than enough to penetrate the thickest armour!).
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Default Re: Archaic Evolutionary Strains - Archived Tyranid Information

Excellent Guide to Starting a new Tyranid army by Ikeda.
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