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Aren't We Missing Some Models?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Aren't We Missing Some Models?

Now I'm quite new to the Tyranids as my name would suggest.

I have recently bought the new codex for the 'nids and have been left very confused. I have had bits of assorted Carnifex body parts and the like lying around for ages and thought they might be fun to play in small games. Anyway I can barely seem to find half the models on the GW site that they say exist in the codex. Is it even legal to play with these guys yet? The models I can't seem to find are:

-Ymgral Genestealers
-Mycetic spores
-The swarmlord
-The Doom of Malan'tai

Also what is the "Red Terror"?

any help with this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
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The reason we are missing these models are because if you want, you cn convert them from a trygon, carnifex,ect box. We should be getting a Tervigon/T-fex conversion box(possibly a mycetic spore) in 6th edition.

The "Red Terror" is a unit from 4th edition. Then they stopped using him.
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on page 37 of the tyranid codex is some fluff for the red terror
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Yeah, there is also some fluff about the dominitrix and the harridan. I don't have the codex with me right now to see which pages these are on.
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tyrannofex and tervigon have their own kit now. u still need to make mycetic spores though, just use some modeling clay on a large base with a few nid bits. doom of malantai is a simple zoanthrope conversion. i have one , i replaced top set of arms with warrior scything talons and middle set with genestealer scything talons, then i put the spikes from the carnifex kit down either side of his head chitin.he doesnt actually count as having scything talons, but his picture depicts him with longer arms than a regular zoanthrope. it looks really cool, i just have to paint it. swarmlord is in the hive tyrant kit, just equip one with the 4 bonesabres and u have a swarmlord, theres also a different head for him. ymgarls are in genestealer box, u get like 2 tentacle face heads in each box, so u need multiple kits to run an ymgarl brood, or u could just sculpt tentacles onto genestealer heads with green stuff.

Hive Fleet Briares
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