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Tyranid Synergies - The Essence of an Effective Hive Fleet
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Default Tyranid Synergies - The Essence of an Effective Hive Fleet

A lot of Tyranid players seek my advice on unit choice, expecting to be able to spam those units and topple opponents. Just like any other army (barring orks and blood angels,) your force needs to be cohesive. Everything should function with the sole purpose of assisting other units. I'll outline a few basic synergies here and maybe you can come up with more on your own.

A. Swarmlord and Ymgarls

Individually, these units are incredibly versatile, but used together, you can decimate almost any unit on the board. The Swarmlord allows your Ymgarls to enter the game sooner with his +1 reserves bonus. Once they enter, the Ymgarls can spring from cover and assault. The Swarmlord, although slow with limited range, is the ultimate support for such a unit. Throw out paroxysm to protect your Ymgarls against higher weapon skill units or use the Horror in an attempt to assault the falling back unit (destroying them if they fail the check for a second time.) Now, you have an important choice to make in each phase. Do you want the Ymgarls to tie up a unit (so that the Swarmlord can assault them on his following turn, advancing effortlessly to the opponents core) or take a whack at a vehicle? If so, then I'd lean towards granting them furious charge with the Swarmlord's ability. Otherwise, grant them Preferred Enemy. If you went with the former, in an attempt to tie up the enemy, then I'd suggest using the +1 to toughness bonus to further reduce casualties. If you're attempting to take on a vehicle, make use of either the +1 attack for more chances at inflicting damage, or the +1 strength to increase your chance of higher damage. Paired with furious charge, this addition to your strength creates S6 rending attacks. 1/18 of your hits will penetrate a land raider

B. Tervigon and Hive Guard

This is a widely used combination. Spawning Termagants grants cover to your guard and provides close combat support. Throwing Catalyst on the Guard further increases their survivability against weaker weapons. If you think that the opponent will first shoot up your gaunts, allowing their low AP weapons clear line of sight to the Hive Guard, then cast it on the gaunts instead. Modeled appropriately, the Tervigon could even block line of sight to your smaller Hive Guard units, allowing them full use of their ability to fire "through" objects. The primary weakness of Hive Guard, however, is their range. For this reason, Tervigons should not skimp on their psychic powers. Take Onslaught and your opponent will second guess every move of his transports. What's he gonna roll for his run? I'd better stay 37" away, just in case :-P Back to Land Raiders (as all Tyranid players seem to fear them), Hive Guard can easily immobilize them in a couple of turns, allowing the Tervigon 4 attacks at S6 + 2D6 (assuming you're smart enough to take adrenal glands.)

The advantages of Onslaught can also be applied to Tyrannofexes. No one wants a six wound monster with a 2+ save constantly pressing towards them while simultaneously firing its double shot S10 cannon. With Termagaunts swarming at their feet, vulnerability in close combat is almost a non-issue.

C. Broodlords and the Doom of Malantai

Alright, so there's a mistake in the GW psychic power tactica reflecting the synergistic use of these creatures. Ignoring that, it's still an effective combo. Using smaller Genestealer squads will allow you to merely tie up units instead of killing them. Run your Doom within 6" of an opponent's unit (or prepare to assault if the conditions are right), preferably towards a model that they won't want dead in the assault phase. Cast Aura of Despair with all local Broodlords, reducing the unit's Leadership until the end of their turn. Now, the opponent can't move and can't kill your Doom before his own shooting phase. The -1 modifier per local Broodlord should provide you with an extra wound. Mmm souls.

D. Swarmlord and Tervigon/Termagants

I'll keep this one short because it's a no-brainer. Paroxysm enemy unit, toxin sacs, adrenal glands, preferred enemy on gaunts. Your Termagants hit on 3+ with re-rolls and wound on 4+ with re-rolls against marine equivalents or less. Even Terminators will crumble.

E. Lictors and Mawlocs

This is another evident synergy. The trouble lies in the fact that Lictors have to be on the board before the Mawlocs. Here's what I would suggest: put your Mawloc on the table as a threat. Use other supportive creatures, like a Hive Tyrant with Old Adversary to make it even scarier. On the turn your Lictor comes in, burrow your Mawlocs and create a diversion so that your Lictor doesn't die. My favorite diversions are Gargoyles, Ymgarls, and dangerous units in Mycetic spores. This is probably the most difficult synergy to use because your enemy could just move its units 6" away from the Lictor and not have to worry about the Mawloc instant-hit. Small sky-slasher swarms would be useful because you could tie up your opponent until their following turn, restricting them to a D6" movement. Multiple Lictors will help because you can utilize Hit and Run to achieve the same lack of mobility. Just be fully cognizant of their vulnerability. This technique is best used against units that can't move and shoot in the same turn, such as Devastators or slow and purposeful units, like Obliterators.
Hive Fleet Aku
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nice post have any other synergy thoughts to share?
Back to 40k.
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yeah, i really wanna run the lictor and mawloc combo, just need to get the models. and yes, tyrannofex is scary as heck against highly mechanised opponents. I run one with rupture cannon, desiccator larvae and cluster spines, so it becomes more dangerous as it gets closer, and can potentially pop tanks at 48". one weakness with him is that he only hits on 4+. still, T-fex, combined with lictors and a mawloc or 2 will give your opponent hell.

Hive Fleet Briares
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give tyrannofex regeneration to make him last longer, and give mawloc adrenal glands. only problem is mawloc can tpop a land raider, even with adrenal glands as 7 is not enough to add a 6 roll and get 14.

Hive Fleet Briares
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