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Question: Whats a troop that ALL 'Nids players want?
Old 21 Oct 2010, 13:47   #1 (permalink)
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Default Question: Whats a troop that ALL 'Nids players want?

It's been about 5 years since I've played 40k, now I'm 18 and can actually afford the hobby with a job and such. Although I doubt I'll ever take part in a tabletop battle, I have huge cravings to paint a few models to fill some spare time.

I'm thinking I'll buy a box of models, paint them and if I feel it, sell them on ebay when I'm done with them. Sure I'll lose money, but I will probably spend a month or so on a mere 16 models so it will fill my time pretty well.

Basically... What do people play?

Guants and Genestealers seem the obvious choice, but is there any new troops in the latests codexs that would be handy to have around?

Thanks for replies in advance
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Old 22 Oct 2010, 01:30   #2 (permalink)
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Carnifex I guess, they're like the heavy of the army. I don't know much about nid's though, sorry.
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The Carnifex isn't a troop though and in the new dex it isn't even the most effective MC you can field. Genestealers should be a staple, they are deadly in large numbers and can get to the enemy very quickly. The only bad thing about them is their save but that just serves as a little extra incentive to get stuck in hand-to-hand quickly.

Warrior armies are also pretty deadly in the new dex. They can really make a mess of you in melee. Plus they look awesome on the table.
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The only troops I know EVERY tyranid player needs is TONS of genestealers w/ rending claws. Get about 20 of those guys and you'll rip through almost any opposition.
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Old 25 Oct 2010, 10:46   #5 (permalink)
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i know ur leaning towards a smaller troops choice but if you think a little bigger and get some nid warrior's you have the extra space to do some really great work. i have seen some really well painted warrior's and the extra space gives them the chance to do some great stuff
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Everyone likes Termagaunts and Tervigons. Genestealers aren't essential, but I've always taken multiple squads. Led by a Broodlord, they'll tear anything apart.

Tervigons spit out Termagaunts and are the only monstrous creature Troops unit in the game. The issues with the Tervigon are that there is no model for it and you never know how many termagants you'll need (3D6 per turn until you roll doubles.) GW now provides boxes of 5 termagants that are at a lower cost ratio than the larger boxes. I use these to fill out the gaunts that don't start on the table (you are required to take a squad of Termagants in order to take a Tervigon as a troop.) If you have fun modeling new beasts, I'd say take a crack at kit-bashing a Trygon and Carnifex. Otherwise, just grab a Carnifex and the Chapterhouse Studios' conversion kit.

Warriors are fun and versatile, but are slowly becoming ineffective in the current metagame, although I think it's every tyranid player's dream to one day run an entire warrior/shrike army, led by tyranid primes.
Hive Fleet Aku
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I always want the Doom in the army, but he always gets bumped out for other units...and i haven't really used him once.
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Hive Fleet Behemoth, Hive Fleet Kraken, and Hive Fleet Leviathan. It is noted that these names are those ascribed to the Tyranid incursions by the scholars of the Imperium.
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