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List for Kill Team.
Old 11 Sep 2010, 21:50   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default List for Kill Team.

Some friends and I are going to have a Kill Team Tourney going on. I was thinking about mainly genestealers but then I got thinking.

What if i used 16 basic Termagants and 2 Zoanthropes.

8 Termagants with Devourer's and 2 Zoanthropes.

I think the Devourers would be worth it since it gives me 8 more shots with 6 more inches but I don't get that AP 5.

Anyone else's thoughts?
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Kroot Shaper
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I like the idea of using Zoanthropes, as you'll be less likely to face terminators in kill-team matches. Not to mention it's the cheapest way to get Ld10 short of including broodlords. And the use of shooting units in Kill Team allows you to take advantage of the split fire rule, although your blasts will be less effective.

Your Termagants should probably be basic, though. Or maybe give them adrenal glands so they can strike first on the charge against most units.

I'm making an escalation campaign for my gaming club right now, starting with Kill Team, so we're probably going through a lot of the same thought processes. I'll probably settle with genestealers, though.
Hive Fleet Aku
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Kroot Warrior
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I also like the Zoanthropes.
Here is mine:

10 Genestealers(sometimes Ymgarl) and 1 Zoanthrope= 200 points
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swap one zoanthrope for doom of malantai

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