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Hive Tyrant: Insights from the Hive Mind
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Default Hive Tyrant: Insights from the Hive Mind

Tyrant tactica

The new tyrant is expensive he certainly got better but costs more. The strength of the tyrant is impressive. Overall great benefits include synapse and physic powers you cannot get anywhere else. These benefits fall into three areas. The Tyrant can use up to two ranged weapon each turn one of which can be a physic power. The tyrant no matter how he is equipped is still a close combat beast. It will do a lot of damage. Putting a lot of upgrade on the tyrant can make him a point sink. The tyrant is is sort of fragile for his points with trygons having more wounds.

Can be great at taking out infantry. Has some buff that are unique other than swarmlord. It also crazy in close combat. It has good synapse and decent lasting power. It also is fairly customizable which means you can make your tyrant nearly anyway you want it. No matter which way you make it he will not suck in close combat. He can tie up most strength 4 squads pretty well unless they have a powerfist because they wound him on 6s. They have awesome specail powers as well they can buy and have really good physic powers. Also it is a monstrous creature and can bust the rear armor of tanks with some luck.

Costs a ton of points and not that many wounds for the points. The true weakness is the cost. May not get that many attacks. Guard are expensive for the tyrant. Easily takes wounds against powerfists/klaws plasma melta and most antitank weapons.

weapon symbiotes
Close combat
Scthying talons
Great for re-rolls to hit in close combat are great with the high attacks. Also with the hive tyrants great combat prowess it will hit on the reroll a lot. It also works agianst vehicles. It will get redundant aginst infantry with Old Adversary. Two pairs of sycthing talons make this things beastly. These get better with wings.

Lash Whip and bonesword
First off this is one way to get instant death because of the bonesword. The lashwhip may help the tyrant more if charging into cover that you would strike simoulatneous with the enemies in base contact. It can be great agianst nobs and other things. The lashwhip can also help if you have other things charging at the same time.

Twin-linked Devourers with brainleach worms
These are great for firepower and will not scatter onto gaunts is one advantage. They also get 6 shots and will wound most infantry on a 2+. Taking two of these though will is not the best as then you are giving up one or losing a physic power. These also are short-ranged but will mess with the enemy's head making them run more.

Twin linked deathspitters
Inferior to devourers with brainleach worms are not really worth it. They do not get enough shots and really a weak option. They cost a lot but are slightly better at pentrating armor. Not strong enough for the points and not enough shots.
Thorax swarm
adds on to the tyrant
Could be useful but quite expensive for a template weapon but you will have to be close to use it. This adds on to other weapons It is expensive for what it does I would rather have a specail power for the points.

Elctroshock grubs hmm a heavy flamer with less ap is not the best for this many points.

Deisiccator Larvae
Poisoned weapon that get a lot to wounds agianst high toughness things. This can be good but still is costly and does not ignore armor Is marginaly useful agianst orks.

Shreadershard beetle
This has some ability to harm marines but is low strength. It also is great agianst other stuff that needs ignored armor but it is costly.
Heavy ranged
Stranglehorn cannon
A pie plate that is strong. The only problem is it may scatter on your own troops. If this thing touches gaunts they will die. Then again most other things in flak armor will be totally get destroyed by this and it has a long range.

Heavy venom cannon
Ok this can do some damage against tanks. It is a small blast against them. It is the only ranged anti that the nids have and is long ranged. To use this you do give up your awesome phsic powers.
Most of these are really only useful in close combat.
Adrenal glands Give the tyrant more strength and initiative. May work better against tanks makes it better at wounding some high toughness things. It will not come into play that often though.

Toxin sacs
You wound most things on a 2+ so this is not the best use of points and ends up wounding less. There are better uses of these leave this for the hormagaunts and tervigons. Only really would come in that much in fighting wriathlords.

Implant attack
Only useful agiasnt certain cahrecters and only on a roll of 6. not the best use of 15 points as most of the time you will not want to charge charecters Espically if they have a force weapon. Could be Only useful agianst power weapon things. Powerfist or relic blade characters could hurt you along with ork warbosses.

Acid blood
But only works if you get wounded. This can be used in conjuntion with a lash whip and bonesword. Granted this is only good agianst tough things with bad initivate. Not good if your tyrant gets shot to death. Still sort of expensive. Can combine with a lashwhip to make the enemy have a really low chance of making that intitive test. Keep in mind it does not say it igonores invunlerable saves.

Toxic miasma
Can be useful agianst hordes and can cause mass casualties agianst guard. Kroot will also die in mass to this. This makes the tyrant into a living biological weapon that does a lot but may not be the best against marines.

Can be useful for regaining wounds but leach essence is a better way of doing it and this is expensive. And will not help if two plasma guns rapid fire and entirely kill your tyrant.

Armored shell
This is the best armor you can get but it is quite expensive. It will not help against what is harmful to the tyrant namely plasma guns, meltaguns, lascannons, and powerfists/klaws.

Provide great mobility but at a huge price. These can be useful for getting into combat quickly and getting a second turn charge off.

physic powers

This is great at buffing other things and making marines hit you on 5s it does not do too well It may not help much against things with weapon skill 3 or lower but it helps with even if by some fluke they kill the tyrant when you assualt they will not be able to shoot straight next turn.

Leach essence
This is helpful in that in can get your tyrant wounds back and that it ignores armor. It will not be relaible agianst high tougness things such as plauge marines but it will ignore their armor save. It also has the added bonus of ignoring feel no pain but on most units with feel no pain it will need a high roll to wound e.g. plague marines.

Physic scream
This can be useful agianst low leadership but it will not help as it is extremely short ranged and plus the enemy can pass but ignoring killing models is nice. Thing is most low leadership things are cheap and easy to kill like grots, fire warriors, or gaurdsmen.

The horror This power is situational. It fails to do anything agianst fearless units is its problem. This means no making the plague marines run or the mob of 30 boyz run off the board. It also allows wargear that effects morale checks like icons of chaos, glory, bosspoles, squig hounds etc. to be used. It still may be useful on a flyrant if you get close to a low leadership enemy squad near the opponents table edge and then have them run off the table. Better used on squads with heavy weapons as they cannot shoot as they fall back.

Special Abilities
Hive commander
Good if you have zoanthropes in pods to get them to come in sooner so the tanks do not kill you. It also helps all reserve rolls. It is also useful if you want outflanking warriors. Or guants. One caution is if you need synapse for the unit it may not be there and then result in instinctive behavior. It will also help outflanking genestealers.

Indescribable Horror not the best ability. It does not still protect you from shooting plasma guns or meltas. It also does not affect fearless units. It will not work agianst all threats and not that many things actually want to hcarge a hive tyrant unless they are like Thunder hammer storm shield terminators.

Old Adversary
This lets you re-roll to hit infantry. It even affects nearby units. One of the best units to use this may be genestealers or hormaguants. The genestealers will be like the ones with feeder tendrils and the hormagunts will get a ton of attacks. If on a flyrant you can get into close combat quickly fast could be nasty in supporting gargoyles with re-rolling blinding venom or close combat shrikes.


Sample tyrant configurations

Wings 2x scything talons paraoxsym life leach This one is a great cheap flyrant that can be quick it is good against vehicles optional adrenal glands may help even more with vehicles.

twin-linked brainleach devourers lashwhip and bonesword old adversary paraoxsym life leach This is a stompy monstruous creature that can be used. Cheap shooty and stompy tyrant that can be used to buff nearby things. It even can buff hormaguants really will making them hit on rerollable 3s.

The tyrant is a good unit that has some support abilities for the rest of the army. It is not just oh lets just make it a combat brute but actaully helps the army as a whole with its powers like paraoxsym or old adversary.

edit: fixed missing 4th physic power and added a few good suggestions.
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Default Re: Hive Tyrant: Insights from the Hive Mind

If my memory serves me correctly Leech Essence will also be useful against Death Guard and Blood Angels as I believe the AP is high enough to ignore Feel No Pain, an extra added bonus.

Also, isn't there another optional psychic power? I'm sure there were 4 optional powers.

Deathspitters I'm not sure on. I can't remember their stats at the moment. I'll have to comment on these when I can get back to my codex.

It may be worth mentioning as well that if Old Advesary is taken Wings would be useful given the short range of that power so that you can get the Tyrant in range of the desired unit. I know this makes him fairly expensive, but it's better than paying the points for Old Advesary and not being able to make use of it.

I have to say, I agree that the Tyrant is meant more as support now than stand alone and beat down anything. The is one thing I really like about the new codex. It tries to encourage combinations rather than one or 2 units with everything else being cannon fodder. Nice work Wu.

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Default Re: Hive Tyrant: Insights from the Hive Mind

Yes I did forget the 4th power. I knew something did not seem right. Edit process removed yeah the tyrant is more of a support options. Good and honest comments Mkoll.
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Default Re: Hive Tyrant: Insights from the Hive Mind

The problem that I had with the new tyrant is that with just a fewf basic upgrades it's more cost-effective to just use the Swarmlord. I wish they hadn't made wings cost 60 points, that's such a waste!
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Default Re: Hive Tyrant: Insights from the Hive Mind

The wording in the Codex confused me. Do you have to take a Special Ability (Hive Commander, Indescribable Horror, etc)?
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Default Re: Hive Tyrant: Insights from the Hive Mind

Originally Posted by gsmatch6060
The wording in the Codex confused me. Do you have to take a Special Ability (Hive Commander, Indescribable Horror, etc)?
When it says "Take any of the following", they really meant to say "May take any of the following".
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