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Instinctive Behavior issues
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Default Instinctive Behavior issues

It is for all the little things that Instinctive Behavior (IB) changes a rule issue.

My 1st issue, I had a unit of Fire warriors in the top floors of a ruin shooting stuff. The nid player had his old one eye IB-rage at them. Old one eye can make base to base contact with the Fire warriors, so he attacked the building they were in. For fun and spirit of the game we let happen but I want to know what the RAW is on this
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Default Re: Instinctive Behavior issues

If he could make the charge, but could not be placed I believe he can still initiate combat AFAIK.

IMO, you both did the admirably fluffy thing as well, even if I turn out to be wrong.

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Default Re: Instinctive Behavior issues

That is the fun thing to do and the most important rule comes into effect on this one.
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Default Re: Instinctive Behavior issues

Technically, models may only move onto the upper levels of ruins if they may be physically placed there. If the ruin has multiple levels, the distance between them is assumed to be 3". To move from the ground to the 2nd level, you have to roll a 6 for difficult terrain.

So by RAW, it is somewhat unlikely that Old One Eye would actually have the movement to get to them. Cities of Death has rules for attacking terrain, but the regular game does not. This is an area where the rules are a little weak, so I think you probably did the right thing.
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Default Re: Instinctive Behavior issues

Alternatively, with the defenders react rule, if the assault was successful I would simply have the Fire Warriors walk downstairs and into OOEs mouth.
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