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Hive Fleet Contact and Infestation Records: Tyranid Battle Reports
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Default Hive Fleet Contact and Infestation Records: Tyranid Battle Reports

This thread will serve as a reference to link to Battle Reports our members have posted. There is a Battle Report Board here at Tau Online, but we encourage our members to post their Tyranid Battle Reports here in our board first. As we can all benefit from reading and learning from each others experience, both from successful and failed strategy and tactics, we will be awarding Karma for those members who wish to share their reports, and posting here first will enable us to reward you appropriately. We will allow the reports to sit here in our board for a few days to give our members the chance to read them, and then the moderators will move them over to the Battle Report board and generate a link here in this thread.

Please review the Battle Report Board Rules, and Posting Rules and Guidelines before generating your report.

Please pay specific attention to the mandatory Title format:
Army(or team)1 VS Army(or team) 2 - xxxx points - Date the game was played

It can also be useful to include added information on the type of game played so readers know what they are getting into, ie. "CoD" = Cities of Death, "PS" = Planetstrike, "Apoc" = Apocalypse, or just leave it normal for regular games.

It's highly recommended you post in the format dictated in the Guidelines, starting with Army Lists, moving to pre-game information, and followed by a turn by turn explanation of events, and the aftermath of the battle.

Please remember it is not allowed to post individual biomorph and upgrade costs, according to our Forum Rules in order that we do not violate Games Workshops Copyright and Intellectual Property rights.

Army Lists and Individual Points Costs
Sometimes when you write an army list, you may prefer to list individual points costs. However, the posting of the points costs of items is seen by the Tau Online forum staff as a technical breach of GW IP: though arguably a justified use, we would rather compromise and ask that you do not post the points costs of the individual items added to a squad or unit but instead only the total cost of the unit in question.
We have a few convenient options here on the site for pre-generated army list formatting. You can use the Army List Template text version, simply hit the [Select] link at the top of the appropriate section, copy the text and paste it into your battle report and start filling it in. Alternatively, we have a wonderful utility for creating Army Lists here for more advanced functionality. This utility may take a slight bit longer to fill out to start, but it will hold a persistent copy of the units you input that you can easily reference again and again. It also comes with a nice option to "Convert Army List / View BBC" which will allow you to embed your list in your battle report, simply copy the "[ army list] * [ /armylist]" code and paste it into your report, and it will give you a neatly formatted copy of your list which will update whenever you make changes using the utility.

Yriel of Iyanden has also written an excellent Guide on posting quality and entertaining battle reports which is definitely worth a read through if you are getting started with writing these reports.

Feel free to take your time in constructing these reports, you don't need to get it all done at once. It can definitely be a process that takes some time if you want to generate high quality reports and other things may have to take precedence while you're report is under construction - this is perfectly fine! If you are in the middle of writing the report and need to move on to something else and come back to it later, post it to the board and leave a note up at the top that your report is under construction. We definitely want you to finish it, and will reward you the karma we've promised when you are done, but it's ok to leave it unfinished if you intend to come back to it and finish it later on. I'd highly recommend not waiting too long after your game as the longer it takes you to get it done the more details that will likely be lost to the fog of memory, but don't let the fact that you might need to step away from it for a bit stop you.


5th Edition Codex:
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Blood Angels 1850pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Chaos Marines 1500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Space Wolves 1850pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Space Wolves 1500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Space Marines 2000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Tau
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Tau 1850pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Demonhunters 1500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 1850pst
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Sisters of Battle 2000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 1500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Space Wolves 1850pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 1850pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Chaos Marines 1850pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Chaos Demons 1000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Imperial Guard 1500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Chaos Marines 2000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Tau 750pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Imperium vs Necron vs Tau 2500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Ultramarines 2000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Black Templars 2000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Eldar 1750pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Witch Hunters 2000pts

5th Edition Rulebook, 4th Edition Codex:
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Tau 750pts
[BatRep] Tyranid vs Blood Angels 2000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Eldar 1750pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 1500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 1000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 2000pts
[BatRep] Tyrainds vs Daemons 2000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Chaos 2000pts
[BatRep] Tyranid vs Necrons 3000pts
[BatRep] Tyranid/Orc/Demons vs Space Marine/Imperial Guard 13,500pt Apocalypse
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Space Marines & Orks - 1500 points - April xx, 2009
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 1500 - May 1st
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Chaos Demons - 1,500 points - May 8th, 2009
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Blood Angels - 2000 - May 22, 2009
[BatRep] Tyranids vs. Space Marines PS Planetfall - 2,000 pts - July 31, 2009
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons - 2000 - Sept 24th
[BatRep] Tyranids vs. Blood Angels - 2,000 pts - September 25, 2009 - PS Forlorn Hope
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Tau - Oct 9th 2009
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks Oct 10th 2009
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks - 1500pts - 12/22/09

4th Edition
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons 1000 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons 1000 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons 1000 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons 1000 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons 1500 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons 1500 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons 1500 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons 1500 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons 1500 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Necrons 2000 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs. New Blood Angels 1500 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Storm Crows (SM) 1500 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks (3ed) 1500 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs 1000 orks and then 1750 Dark Eldar
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Eldar 400 pts CP
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Imperial Fists 1500 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs. Marines
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Space Marines 1000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Space Marines 1500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Space Marines 2000 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Imperial Guard 1500 pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Black Templars 1850pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 1500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 1500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 1500pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 1000pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Orks 400pts
[BatRep] Tyranids vs Eldar 2000pts

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