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Getting the most out of Tyranids?
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Default Getting the most out of Tyranids?

Hi All,

I'm a long time Tyranid gamer, started back at the release of 3rd edition, and since that time many rules have changed, and my ability to get the most out of the Nids is being diminished.

I understand the rules of all the units and the core game itself, so I don't need any help with that, I have made many adjustments to my army lists over the time and I use units that are widely accepted as being a solid build. I am still having issues winning many games so I am going back to the drawing board.

What I would like help with, is essentially synergy within the Tyranid army, what works well together, what units shouldn't work together etc.?

Simply creating 6 good solid units is not enough if they don't complement each other.
As an example, the Psychic Choir, 2 Tyrants and 3 Zaonthropes creating an intricate and overlapping web of negative leadership. That's awesome, but if you do not make the opponent take any leadership tests than its irrelevant. Thus we need synergy with the rest of the army, Barbed Stranglers need to be taken to force pinning tests, units of Genestealers who can actually win combat are required, while a ripper swarm designed to tar pit a unit is not so usefull as it never gets to use the real power of the army.

Now I know a new codex is coming, but I don't expect that all that many core rules and units are going to change that much, so I would like to ask your advice on what are some good units that work really well together?

I hope I explained myself OK, all advice will be much appreciated
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Default Re: Getting the most out of Tyranids?

I don't play Nids, but they are my primary opponent, so I have a lot of experience with them. I think you might be going about things the wrong way. In my opinion, much like IG, Nids are designed to have multiple units for redundant coverage of responsibilities. Individual Nids generally die pretty easily, so if you've got a clockwork mechanism army you will be in a bad way when one of your integral pieces crater off the board. Yes, there can be redundant synergy, but I think that point needed to be made.

The most effective synergy I've seen from Nids is probably some of the simplest. Dirt cheap gaunts screening other advancing units. Flyrants, infiltrating genestealers, and lictors to tie up enemy shooting in early game.

My friend who plays Nids has a propensity to play lists with single units for specific purposes and it regularly costs him the game. Redundancy is key.
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Default Re: Getting the most out of Tyranids?

Firstly, sorry for any typos, smashed fingers moving :-\

As Schev mentioned, specialist 'armies' build, as in all genestealer, or all out gaunts and warrior swarm tend to lack some elements required to deal with diverse threats. Personally I prefer what I call a timed approach.

So I have (usually) a 3 carnifexes, spiderfex (a carnifex with 2 Scything talons...that's it), sniperfex (a fex I dislike more by the game, VC, BS) and fortifex (I dump all excess points into him). Now these guys are SLOW and placed in the middle, or man up on an enemy objective.

I then have 'medium' like gaunts, warriors (leaping, or ranged). Now these aren't fast because the genestealers and lictors are fast. The idea is that you let your opponent try and deploy to aviod everything, most will actually try and do this, and then we have a tough game BUT...

You verbalize extensively that you have 2 lictors, and they are super scary fast and have rly good armor against shooting, and genestealers outflanking, and THEY are super scary, and tear things apart etc. Then they see some big carnifexes, they LOOK scary, but the great thing is that spiderfex is around 110 points, but will be targeted possibly just through naming him! Then warriors and gaunts together look intimidating through numbers, and then you have it, once your opponent cannot properly identify what they need to eliminate you have just won.

Like you were saying, 6 good units may not cut it, you may find they are like 'one trick ponies'. I find a few dependable units are essential. That broodlord and genestealer retinue, what CAN'T they take care of. Not implying send them AT anything, just send them after what other units cannot deal with. 'Dubefex', named locally after its 'inventor' I personally dislike playing against (I may play nids, but I also play against them) its a 2+Sv wit BS and ST. Its a good all round I advance and you don't carnifex, again what can't it take out (in this case given enough time). I am also a sometimes retarded fan of stopping power (you may know it as toxin sacs) on anything that will not already kill a marine outright. My horamgaunts are +I and +S, they hit marines faster and hard, and hope enough fall over to not hit them back. If facing NON marines, they get pretty nasty.

As a guideline, try and build units that are physically resilient, or so offensive they don't take much flak back. Oh and in many cases, flesh hooks were implied, frag grenades are pretty much a must for an assault based army such as us.

I hope I made some kind of sense for ya. I always think I just begin to ramble after a certain point.
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Default Re: Getting the most out of Tyranids?

Thank you both for your replies.

I have some dependable units that I take almost all the time as the consistantly perform.
They are my two Lictors, 3 fexes, 2 elite screamerkillers and one sniperfex, my walking Tyrant with his Guard and lastly my 16 genestealers.

Some of the other elements of my army that I struggle to get the most out of.

Winged tyrant and Gargoyle escort - In theory I loved the idea of these two units working together, both very mobile, can lay down some shooting wounds before charging in against almost anything and being able to do damage to all but heavy armour in melee.
The reality though is quite different, they have a large footprint on the battlefield and get reduced to an ineffective size with realitive ease from shooting, and once the Tyrant is left by himself he is usually out of support range from any friends and is taken down with ease from the hidden fists in almost every army.

Termagants and Hormagaunts - My swarm of little ones, Other than providing some cover saves to other units, they just can't seem to do anything, in attack formation they break like waves against rocks and in defense, well you have to dedicate a synapse critter to make sure they can even reliably hold the objectives.

Zaonthropes - I usually field two, Warp Blast and Synapse. While the synapse coverage is crticial, so I'll continue to field these guys, the really do very little.

I have all the other units as well that get rotated in and out of the army list, nothing has stood out as particulary potent.

So I do have essentialy a clockwork army here, one my fexes and genestealers are taken down I just don't have the hitting power left to hurt my opponents.

I have also justed finished painting up my first ever broodlord, so I'm more than likely going to drop the flyrant and use the broodlord in the next battle.
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Default Re: Getting the most out of Tyranids?

When I first picked up nids, I thought that Synapes was an annoying setback to what my army is capable of. So I all but diminished my need for it. I play my own variant of a vanguard list (I added in 3 sniperfex's). If you look at my army, the only thing that NEEDS synapes are the 60 gaunts. So for them I have 3 units of 3 warriors (each warrior unit has two TL deathspitters, and a barbed strangler), and then a broodlord, so if the synapes dies, they'll just run to him! Also, if I DO loose all my synapes, they can just lurk, and get 3+ cover saves and shoot thier TL bolt pistol equivalents.

As for the blast-happy warriors, I fell in love with the deathspitter after I realized that it was X+1 for strength, which is really good for its cost. Then the barbed stranglers on them + the ones from my fex's give me a total of 6 large blast pinning weapons that have a 36" range. Even with the high Ld in 90% of armies, you will fail your pinning checks quite a bit. Trust me.
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