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Saim-Hann is too quick!
Old 20 Nov 2009, 09:44   #1 (permalink)
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Default Saim-Hann is too quick!

I have a friend who plays Saim-Hann, and his jetbike/vyper/wave serpent mahem just seems too quick for me to do anything. Sure his men are fragile, but in order to shatter a plane of glass, you do have to be within a kilometre of it (Poor metaphor, and I am sure someone sill say "but if you had a sniper rifle..." WELL WE DON"T)

The real question is what do I do in this situation?

I have contemplated outflanking alot of genestealers, but that is risky, horde armies get annihilated by all that is shurikan, and all mc's get annihilated by fire prisms (albeit not as harshly) And I don't want to have to run a nidzilla list.

My favorite idea was flying circus, but until the new plastic gargoyles come out, I won't be going anywhere near that idea. Help me veterans, I am new, vulnerable, and slow. :-\
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Default Re: Saim-Hann is too quick!

Ah, I was going to suggest Nidzilla. :P Trying to get into combat to destroy an army of skimmers is begging for a sound hiding, I'm afraid. :-\
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Old 20 Nov 2009, 18:36   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Saim-Hann is too quick!

Well, you are right, we don't have sniper rifles, we instead have barbed stranglers, venom cannons and deathspitters. I also suspect that trying to fight fire with fire here would backfire (our flying circus isn't the best in town, if you know what I mean).

So first I wonder, whats in those serpents you mentioned? Dire avengers, probably 5 for last minute scoring. So its not Saim Hann, which is nice to have something thats not whizzing by. I think S8 will be your friend here. You also said nidzilla is out essentially, alright.

HQ, grab a tyrant with a venom canon for his S8 heavy bolter, and be sure to include extended carapace, I doubt he took starcannons. Remember, the Venom cannon can only GLANCE... unless its open topped, implying that you auto penetrate those Vypers. Now we don't have great range, but neither do his bikes, and the max range his serpent can get you is also the max range of us.

If you got em', try out some deathspitter warriors for those vipers, and bikes, all you need to do is hurt them and they start falling, or start running away. Also remember, he still counts as T3 for instant death, so if that farseer fails the save from a deathspitter, its DEAD.

Heavy should be either a carnifex with Barbed Strangler and your favorite weapon, and/or some Zoanthropes.

Troops are cornered into being either Termgaunts or Hormagaunts (with toxin) IMO.

How is your opponents deployment? I suppose its not that important due to speed but if across the board, the stealers MIGHT be useful, idk, might need extended carapace, which start ramping the price. I am not sure how you get annihilated by Fire Prisms, yea I love mine, but tis the Falcon that deals the wounds in my army. But back what the main thing: What should you do.

OK, so hes got Vypers, waveserpents, and apparently what 2, 3 Fire Prisms and some jetbikes? I suggest manning up, Hive Tyrant Vs Vypers for a couple turns, Carnifex (es?) Vs Prism(s?) and warriors on the jetbikes. The hormagaunts can try and sprint to disable / kill, well ANYTHING, S4 hurts his tanks and bikes. That would be my initial strategy, but I have not played with/against Saimhann, with any army, but if I chose one to do it, I would use Tyranids.

GL, hope I didn't just pass you another loss. :-\

Good post, +1 ~Gada
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Old 20 Nov 2009, 21:34   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Saim-Hann is too quick!

you should seriously consider a flyrant with 2x twin linked devourers.

The issue you're talking about is extended range:
Sure, your tgaunt guns are only 12". but they really have an extended range of 18": move 6"+ 12" range.
Similarly, anything with wings is going to have a better extended range on it:
Flyrant with Dual devourers: extended range is 30": move 12"+18"
Hgaunts have an extended range of 19"-24": 6" move +1-6" fleet + 12" assault.

remember, too that this is a radius: on your turn, your flyrant can put his power at any point in a 60" diameter circle.

Learn his weapon ranges, as well. Know that if one unit shoots, what other units can you bring to bear to crush that unit? When one unit attacks they are by definition making themselves vulnerable to counter-attack: either LOS is available or they are entering one of those extended ranges.

Work to make "vulnerable units" as bait and then spring traps on him.
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Old 21 Nov 2009, 06:35   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Saim-Hann is too quick!

This advice is top notch guys, I thankyou for your help, keep it coming ;D
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Old 22 Nov 2009, 12:59   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Saim-Hann is too quick!

As a Tau player I rarely never get into a situation like that.

I do know nids lack ranged weapons and just swarm the oponent and crunch them in melee.

However - Eldar use speed - so fight fire with fire and use speed yourself. If that makes sense. Use multiple squads of the fastest available tyranid unit (I don't know what that is) and put them in a position that forces them to be assaulted by you.

Also think about the terrain in the battle. Use the terrain, don't let it use you.

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Default Re: Saim-Hann is too quick!

some traitorous advice from the Eldar side:

I play a army heavy on skimmers. Not jetbikes but lots of Vyper and Wave Serpents full of drop n' shoot then remount stuff. The whole idea is to section off areas of the board where you concentrate all your fire on the only things nearby that are in any decent threat in the counter turn.

When I play the only nid player who is a regular at my store, he loads up on Carnifex to counter this, because they don't fall so easily to the thousands of little shuricatapult shots,and they can be decked out to be like a tough survivable heavy shooty platform. Relying on superior assault troops like genestealers and hormagaunts just wont work when your prey is faster than you. You need things that can shoot, and at a decent range. That's the only stuff I worry about when I play my 'nid friend, the rest I can just zoom around and avoid until endgame.

Other word of advice... Don't try to supersize your Hive Tyrant too much. It's just asking for a Serpent of Fire Dragons all with meltas to drop in, hop out, and whack it in a single turn. They'll probably get killed in your counter turn, but that's how we use them. Drop 5 dragons near the biggest target and don't expect them to survive long afterwards. We call it the 'dragon wagon' tactic. The transport then goes back to work with some other less suicidal unit. I get him every time and he refuses to downgrade his Tyrant between lists. Thats 80 points of expendables that can pretty much whack your HQ monster in 1 turn.

We are Eldar, we go where we want, we have fast skimmers all over out list. The key is to deny us anywhere we want to go, by threat of fire from your units that are range-oriented, and to not give us any big 'money' target to zero in on.
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