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Flying Circus and 5th Edition
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Default Flying Circus and 5th Edition

The Tyranid Flying Circus


We are looking to create an army that consists almost entirely of flying units except for troops. It is tempting to think of using it solely as a cc oriented force. We would take a Flyrant fitted out for cc, Flying warriors with either all scytals, or scytal/rending, some FW flying rippers, and some Gargoyles. This is the basis for the list but Warriors are suited for shooting so perhaps we adjust the squad for a little more dakka. Consider Deathspitters and a Barbed Strangler instead. The reason to take a Flying Circus is simply for speed. Now we need to be careful constructing this list. At lower points we want more hormagaunts and one squad each of flying warriors/gargoyles/rippers.


The flying 2x Dev Tyrant seems to out-clock the flying 2x Sything Tyrant for most players. A flying Scytherant is brutal if you charge it into a command squad. It is designed as an IC and Elite killer. Your Dakkarant gets 12 shots that can re-roll hits and wounds, and still be able to dish out a fair bit of damage in CC. Our list will be using Gargoyles And Deathspitter Warriors though. In this build I prefer the cc Flyrant. Even though the Dakka version can usually start doing damage from turn one, and a CC Flyrant probably won't get stuck in until turn 2, we will try it out in the build.

Flying Warriors - how well do they work

a) Cannot take extended carapace
b) Difficult to use terrain effectively because of dangerous terrain rolls
c) A save of 5+ as norm

a) Effective mobile fire base
b) Can Deep Strike
c) Cover is plentiful in 5th so saves can work

So they are not the ideal choice for Warriors and they consume a ast attack slot which we need for Goyles and Rippers. Non-the-less, we are taliking about building a thematic list. We need to make them work.



Read and enjoy. This is a list that outlines the basic tactical applications of fielding a flying list.

Flying Rippers

Rippers can be easily taken out with templates. Flying is an expensive biomorph. So what to do? We use them regardless. We arte talikung a theme list here, guys. Let them get stuck in cc wirth appropriate biomorphs (toxin sacs) or give them spinefists. You will be amazed that they can actually do some damage. They do benefit from +1 to their cover save, and have multiple wounds, but they are vulnerable to blast templates (which are prevalent nowadays). A brood of choppy hormagaunts are the same price. Hormagaunts are fleet of foot and beasts, which gives them up to 12" of movement (depending on your luck at dice rolling) and another 12" of assault range. Most games, that means you can assault on the 2nd turn at latest. So a DS-ing ripper swarm is nice but we need to back them up with our other guants.


We need guants. Certainly WoN is useless here as we have nothing in our deployment zone for synapse. This really means that Termaguants and Hormaguants look like the best choices. For some extra punch lets add a squad of stealers. Relying in hormaguants or guants as the assaulting backbone is bound to fail. We need genestealers and the Flying Tyrant as backup to this tactic. Still against Guard, Tau etc., a squad of hormaguants would be in the midst of their lines potentially engaging enough units at once to avoid the first turn massacre which would in turn allow the rest of your force to wreak havoc on the rest of the line in ensuing turns. Guants with a second turn charge followed by genestealers can really mess up these armies.

1250 Flying Circus

Hive Tyrant
Scything Talons(2), Bioplasma, Implant Attack, Flesh Hooks, Winged, Warp Field
(not too pricey)

5 Winged Warriors
Deathspitters(4), Barbed Strangler, Scythjng Talons, +I, +BS, +St, Winged
(it's a flying army, guys- I know they should be leaping. I added +I in case they do get into cc)

6 Ripper Swarms
Spinefists, Toxin Sacs, + BS, Winged
(these guys actually can do damage as they are fitted for extra punch)

16 Gargoyles
(have to include these and I love them )

Now I need some troops and i still like fast Hormies

16 Hormaguants
+WS, +1Str, Flesh Hooks
(okay it's iffy biomorphs but when it is needed ... )

8 Genestealers
Feeder Tendrils
(fairly naked but should have cover saves)

12 Termaguants
(a little insurance)

Now at 1500 I would add some Stealers and beef up the Rippers and add a Warrior.

So there you go ... a 5th edition Flying Circus list.

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Default Re: Flying Circus and 5th Edition

Nice job. I was thinking of trying my hand at a flying circus army once the plastic gargoyles were released.
c) A save of 5+ as norm
Really? I am looking at my codex and that isn't the "norm" save for a tyrant, I won't post what it actually is because that violates the forum rules, but It is certainly not 5+.
And though you can't take extended carapace, Warp sheild is better anyways, as for only a couple of extra points you get an invulnerable save (Albeit a poor one).
But yeah thanks, list looks solid!
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Default Re: Flying Circus and 5th Edition

Really? I am looking at my codex and that isn't the "norm" save for a tyrant
No it is not. It is for Warriors though, lol. BTW, you can state a save without violating the rules but not point costs.

The loss of extended carapace on the Warriors is the main reason that flying versions are weaker then the leaping versions even with the bonus of a DS. That said we do get cover saves from Gargoyles if we play this right.
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Default Re: Flying Circus and 5th Edition

Good article. +1
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