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My plans for a 4th Ed Army
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Default My plans for a 4th Ed Army

I have had the 4th Edition codex for way too long with no models. It's the only codex that has truly thrilled me when I've read it and I've been waiting ages to make an army. Of course, there's a 5th Ed coming out very soon but I want to make some flexible plans in the meantime.

I have had the 4th Ed codex for about 2 years now and have read a lot of articles and tacticas despite not having an army. I know reading articles isn't everything but I have read pretty much every one currently on the web.

Let's start with the Broodlord. What I don't like about him is the retinue size and the 0-1 rule. Also I want a mixo-range combat kind of army so he's probabally not a good choice, except for an assault weapon or some anti-TEQ punch. More on that in a minute.
The Hive Tyrant is obviously a very flexible option, but it's easy to make it expensive - also, a Carnifex is better for most purposes (except synapse and devourers).

Army Style:
The Tyranids don't have very good ranges so really the guns should support an assault? Hm. Maybe. What I want is for the guns to lead the assault. Warriors will take the centre, monstrous creatures one flank and 'Stealers/Broody the other flank. There will of course be lots of critters to soak up defensive fire.

Quantity or Quality?
I believe in quantity. That's why I want relatively cheap options for the monsters, warriors and stealers.

Rippers, Spinegaunts and Termagants.
Hormagaunts are just too expensive. I'm going to make some cool looking spinegaunts out of the HG models (they have spiney backs so I think they'll look pretty good). Rippers are excellent from what I can see and read...

Nature or Nurture?
Obviously before I buy a whole army I'll have to have soem games, try out my basic strategy, balance things out, etc. I'm open to constructive criticism so speak now or forever laugh at my future dismally failing army

Lictors? I like these but they are very, very, costly for what they do. I'll see when the new codex comes out...
Warriors, obviously needed, probabally about 15? Will not use venom cannons (barbie stranglers are better in my opinion)
Stealers I may have some with a Broodlord for one flank, but not sure. I may drop them and max out on Warrior Schpamm.

Eee. Much as I like the fluff for all their choices, I don't think they're worth it for the cost and the (apparently) crumbily-made models.

The Zoanthropes and Biovores don't really fit into my style or proposed strategy, I'd rather have 3 Carnies.

My proposed List:
HQ Broodlord with Stealers
HQ Shooty Tyrant
ELITES Stealers
ELITES 6-9 Warriors
ELITES 6-9 Warriors
TROOPS 6-8 Ripper swarms
TROOPS 6-8 Ripper swarms
TROOPS 24-32 Spinegaunts without number.
TROOPS 24-32 Termagants without number?
FAST Probabally none, maybe gargoyles
HEAVY Venom Cannon fex
HEAVY Venom Cannon fex
HEAVY CC Tank buster fex


Centre: Troops, Fast Attack, Warriors
Flank 1: Venomfexes, Troops
Flank 2: CCfex, Stealers
Fill: Troops
I've hung up my frisbee and finished lunch. Good luck and good bye!

[I do not wish this account to be deleted, but I will no longer be posting much]

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Default Re: My plans for a 4th Ed Army

Just a couple points: Rippers sounded great to me too, but use them to tarpit, not as troops. They have "mindless" and do not count as scoring IIRC. Which means spine Gaunts need claim, and also need to be babysat to STAY scoring.

Aren't stealer troops?

I am liking the large warrior base, may I suggest a large amount of deathspitters, they are quite fun.

Why not slap a Barbed strangler on one of those carnifexes? VC is great for annoying vehicles etc. but when you can slap down S8 pie plate, how can you resist the carnage?! A particularly terrifying carnifex I had to face was Barbed strangler, Scythe Talons, 2+ armor. I initially thought, "Oh, its not focussed at all, either go melee or ranged come on", but then it moved up on turn 3, and pinned an assault squad that WAS going to run away, they never got the chance.

Biovores shoot out spore mines. Spore mines count as a unit destroyed. Biovores shoot Kill Points, wait till next codex to get them ready.

Lictors really aren't THAT costly for what they do. I'll just say that they never disappoint me .
Alright Blood Angels, who wants to play pin the Tau on the carnifex!
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Default Re: My plans for a 4th Ed Army

In terms of practicality, it is worth remembering that GW typically boosts units that were not widely used in the previous book. Which means that when Tyranids get updated next, expect to see more focus on Warriors and less focus on the Carnifex.
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Default Re: My plans for a 4th Ed Army

There's a very good chance that gaunts and hormagaunts will be less expensive too, I know you mentoned hormagaunts being too expensive to field (and for 5th ed rules w/ 4th ed codex I concur). As Sau1us mentioned Genestealers are troops not elites as well, they are scoring, and can reliably operate without synapse, although still crunchy.

Anyway, there's a lot of speculation we'll be seeing cheaper plastic gargoyles, or possibly other units like Raveners, or just flat out brand new species in only a couple months in either metal or plastic (and strong rumors pointing towards a Trygon) - released Jan 2 if I remember correctly for 5th Ed Tyranids.

I think if you pick up a few things like a Hive Tyrant, and a few Carnifex, particularly if you magnetize them, you'll be relatively safe in your model investment (unless you model for the look and not necessarily wysiwig like me), but things could be drastically changing in terms of power balance really soon. GW has been tight on leaks and there's little good information to go off in terms of what's going to be in, out, and viable in the new Codex. I think it's a great army, and it's likely to still be a great army after the new Codex, but this is just me... if you haven't started yet, my suggestion would be to hold off till we know more of what's in store for us. Again, that's just me.
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