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Space Hulk Genestealers & Broodlord
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Default Space Hulk Genestealers & Broodlord

Did anyone else pick up Space Hulk?

I'm really liking the new Genestealer models, and particularly the new Broodlord. The old metal Broodlord isn't one of my particular favorites in our model line, but the new one is really bad ass looking. I love the pose on it, bounding over a pile of skulls with a few Terminator heads in hand, and pointing at the next target in a "you're next" kind of way.

I'm trying to think about what to do with the bases though.

The Broodlord has a much taller profile than the original Broodlord to start, it will lose some advantage in terms of game play from that when it's trying to hide behind cover, although full cover is a real pain to find anyway these days and he's not an MC so the Broodlord and retinue will find cover saves as easy as anything else. The top of it's back is around a centimeter or maybe a 1/4" higher than the hands of the old Broodlord when posed in it's original form, and significantly taller than the head/torso area that would be normally target-able. Not a big deal in my mind for the much cooler looking model that I think fits the look of the newest Genestealers far better than the old one did. But I don't want to go an mount it on another 40mm base and increase it's height any further.

From front to back, the base on the SH Broodlord is about the size of the 40mm base, but it's significantly less wide, and I wouldn't want to be accused of trying to use that to my advantage for an undeserved bonus. So I'm trying to think of a way to extend the sides to the 40mm base range, maybe I'll just chop up a base and glue the sides to the normal base. I know I could probably just field it "as is", and be fine since I think there's a rule about a model being used with the base it comes with, but the Space Hulk models, while in scale weren't exactly produced to be used in regular 40k, so it seems a little off to me to do that without getting the base to the size it should be. I guess I could always pivot it on the spot to get the full measure of where the base should be too in case any measurements are close.

The regular Genestealers will be a bit more difficult, some of the bases are significantly larger and far taller than a normal genestealers profile, and while they look really cool, I think that's going to make them tougher to field without siginifically chopping up the bases, which I don't really want to do because even though some are huge they are pretty awesome and will make good looking models for the sake of the look alone.

Anyone else dealing with similar issues and come up with any better ideas?
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Default Re: Space Hulk Genestealers & Broodlord

I say to just put them on medium bases. You have to ask your opponent's permission to use the larger bases according to the rulebook, but I've never run into someone thats forced me to use the right size base after asking them politely (Even in tournaments). My space marine IC's are on larger, scenic bases ... I'm pretty sure it would extend to your space hulk genestealers.

Just remember to bring small base genestealers, in case someone does refuse to let you use the models.
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Default Re: Space Hulk Genestealers & Broodlord

I was planning on either playing with the exact playing pieces, and not fretting too much bout bases. Alternatively, I've also considered just magnetizing the bases and slapping the majority of the stealers on 25mm bases. A little bit of stuff overhanging off the base isn't really a big deal in my opinion, you'd be hard pressed to find an opponent who would give you shit about it :P Though the 45mm base idea is actually really good too, I like that.
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