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Starting Tyranids?
Old 01 Sep 2009, 21:25   #1 (permalink)
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Default Starting Tyranids?

I'm thinking I want to start a tyranid army, I have the chance to get some models cheaply: A broodlord, a carnifex, 14 genestealers and ten guants. I'm also think of getting space hulk and basing the stealers in there for 40k. That would give me 36 stealers and two broodlords, I was also thinking of including raveners along with lictors if I did do a stealer army.

What are your thoughts on a stealer army, it doesn't have to be overly competitive but some wins would be nice.

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Default Re: Starting Tyranids?

Well, Broodlords are 0-1 in an army, so there's not much point in getting a second unless you just enjoy the models.

Stealer lists are usually referred to as "Vanguard" lists, since they scout ahead of the main force with Lictors. It gives you a bit of flexibility to go on besides just Genestealers. Lists can include Gargoyles, Lictors, and Spore Mines. I haven't run a Vanguard list since 4th edition, but with the addition of outflanking Stealer lists can be very very nasty.
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Default Re: Starting Tyranids?

From what I have seen the "broodlord" in the Space Hulk set (which I am getting myself) doesn't look very much like a broodlord, just a genestealer with a slightly larger set of spines on the back, so you could always run him as a genestealer.

I like vanguard lists, I think they are interesting, and pretty different to use from what I usually run. They can definitely find success if you use them right, though you may find them lacking in a few specific areas - I've had problems with fast skimmers and very heavy tanks like landraiders & monoliths. But a Carnifex in the mix would add some dimension a more pure vanguard list might lack.
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Default Re: Starting Tyranids?

Nezalualixtlan, a vanguard list shouldn't have to worry about the monolith. It really isn't very scary.
And the Broodlord in the space hulk is basically an enlarged genestealer... but it still looks awesome.
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Default Re: Starting Tyranids?

It can be problematic when the portal ability is well used to unlock Necrons from combat. Gauss rifles paste Genestealers pretty good.
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Default Re: Starting Tyranids?

He is right, but still, i love the fluff of a vangaurd force, and i love the raw power of a vangaurd force, you can basically start with nothing on the table, then just swoop hordes of genestealers into your enemies backsides. The carnifex would just be the icing on a very gorey cake, your opponant not knowing to shoot the hordes of genestealers, or the approaching carnifex. Love the army ;D
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Default Re: Starting Tyranids?

If you are going to run a Vanguard list with a lot of Outflanking genestealers, then I recommend at least one Lictor. Not an overly effective unit on it's own, but having one in the army will let you re-roll all of your reserve rolls, so it will earn it's worth in that fashion alone.

And apparently a lot of the Genies from the Space Hulk box are positioned on terrain, making them a bit oversized for the slottabases.
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Default Re: Starting Tyranids?

You only get a single reserve re-roll per Lictor, as I recently discovered. :-\
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