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Planetary Empires Tyranid conversions...
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Default Planetary Empires Tyranid conversions...

Have any of you picked up Planetary Empires (or Mighty Empires) and done and Tyranid conversions on the terrain? I'm thinking of getting some of them and maybe doing a map for a planetary campaign where I can stitch Cities of Death, Planetstrike, Apocalypse, and normal games into a longer term story line for my army as I'm playing other friends and local shop goers. Just wondering if any of you had stuff you've done for it already or any pics, or conversion tips for any of those tiles. I have some ideas in terms of green stuff additions, like capilary towers and biomass digestion pools and such, but I'm just curious to see other ideas, google searches haven't been too fruitful.
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Default Re: Planetary Empires Tyranid conversions...

I have go a city so small ot fits on the little space of the planetary empires set. A freind gave it to me and I plan to use it for representing citys of death. Dont ask me where my freind go it but it looks like something that just happened to come with something he got years ago.
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