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All Stealer Army's?
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Default All Stealer Army's?

This used to be rather poplar, but I don't see it anymore. Is an all genestealer army still viable? I was able to purchase at a good price 48 stealers and picked up a broodlord. Along with the other 21/22 that I will be getting with space hulk. This makes for a decent size army. The only units that I REALLY like are stealers, broodlord, and carnifex, though a few others are pretty cool tool. Anyone care to give any pointers in relation to 5th? I know extended carapace should not be nesarry now as it was in 4th with 4+ cover everywhere.


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Default Re: All Stealer Army's?

i do play stealer lists in extreme circumstances (if i really need a spam list and the army is fearless) than i have the 3 lictors, brood lord and 3-4 fleshhooks stealers (the ft bonus they get is off the lord and the lictors) and i have every thing in reserve. not everything has to scuttle but it helps.

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Default Re: All Stealer Army's?

give the stealers scuttling. Psychological warfare is great and when your opponent sees that you didn't deploy anything and it's all in reserve he will wet himself. Then he realises that you do that and makes sure you play full board and he deploys in the centre. In which case you don't outflank.

Stealer lists are made of win but you will need some lictors in there for the pheremone trail otherwise it gets a bit hit and miss with the reserve rolls.
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Default Re: All Stealer Army's?

I was thinking this only the other day, love genestealers as a troop choice, and i just recieved 3 lictors and a broodlord today ;D
Love the idea of keeping everything off of the board and then suddenly every one of your units is in close proximity verging on assault.
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Default Re: All Stealer Army's?

I was thinking of 5 troop squads with scuttlers and flesh hooks (for the grenade ability as we play terrain heavy). However, you have to declare outflanking at the beginning of the game. So I guess always opt to go second, but what do you guys generally do with stealers now in 5th to be most effective. There are not many actively playing 'nids at my LGS. Thanks!
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Default Re: All Stealer Army's?

I was a big proponent of genestealers and spamming genestealers. To be honest, I have a wicked loss streak and win only theme and painting in RTT's. I've left the hive mind until our next codex comes out.

You will always lose to mechanized forces with this sort of list. Sure, Genestealers can pop the rhino, but the following turn they get gunned down by the space marines/tau/eldar/IG inside. The worst of it all is that a list like this has no long-ranged anti-tank, or even any close-range anti-AV14. A squad of genestealers can't deal with a land raider contesting your home objective.

I find that this list only fares well against Orks and Chaos Demons, forces that revolve around assault as well.

On strategies: I find that this list does best when you can funnel all your forces onto a single point, like the enemy home objective. I don't stop for anything and rush everyone toward the enemy, ditching my own home objective.

On scuttle: I say always take it. You get a 6 inch scout movement before the game starts, and you want to be as close as possible to the enemy to limit your slogging distance. It's also good for a surprise when the person you're playing against forgets you told them you had scout, and is fool enough to deploy 18" away from you in Dawn of War. 1st turn assault!

If you're hoping to play competitively I would go for a more balanced Tyranid army. A general rule of thumb: if it isn't competitive enough, add more Carnifexes; this is fortunate, you said you liked Carnifexes.

On Extended Carapace: If you're going all 'stealer you should take extended carapace, flesh hooks and scuttle. However, if you're taking a balanced list, don't. If you take 48 or more genestealers it will cost roughly 200 points for all their EC. This is almost enough to purchase two 'fexes.

I always go first and deploy far forward in the middle. Going first will limit the number of shooting phases your genestealers will have to face. Then I declare several outflankers to keep their deployment close to the middle so I don't have to slog as far.

The main reason why I dropped my 'stealer list, though, is that this list is only good a for a few games as a surprise against an enemy that has never faced an army like it before. Once someone gets their bearings this list is easy to beat.
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Default Re: All Stealer Army's?

Thanks! I kind of figured it would not be the most competitive. But I am also the one that last tournament played a foot slogging pure grey knight list...and placed 4th. Almost had 2nd...so close... I would be playing not to win but for the fun. I'm not so sure how good of an idea tactically it would be, but I see it as fun for this as well:

List would be all stealers with scuttle and flesh hooks. HQ is Broodloard with 5-8 stealers and 1-3 liqutors. My deployment is simple, nothing. Everything but the Liqutors (sp?) outflank and they do thier thing. 1/3 chance of coming on the wrong side, but there are 5-6 squads of stealers too. Liqutors help to re-roll reserve and harass. Lacks anti-tank, but a stealer can threaten all but a raider or monolith, I will just ignore them.
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Default Re: All Stealer Army's?

If it's encouraging any, I actually have met a player who has an almost all-Genestealer force (aside from a Broodlord of course). He really likes the idea, but only does it in 1,000 points, I don't know about higher-point games.

In my experience, I've never seen or fought against a full close combat Tyranid army that was severely beaten.
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