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So what's it like playing with 'Nids?
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Default So what's it like playing with 'Nids?

I love building and painting, my bedroom is full of Airfix models of tanks, planes, air craft carriers, etc etc. Thatís what got me into the Warhammer setting. Iíve been in it for a few years now, originally starting with Marines. Iíve got a pretty large army, plenty of infantry and tanks to back them up, then added a few Leman Russís and a Baneblade when Apocalypse came out just because I love tanks. With my Space Marines, I had loads of fun, many an amazing victory, and many a crushing loss. I never had chance to play a Nid army though.

Anyway, My Nid army is now reaching its final stages of completion, Iíve read all the battle reports and tactica I can find on them, and am really exited about them. I am yet to play with them though, so I just wanted to ask whatís it like fielding a Nid army?

Do you enjoy so many units on the table or does it tend to get a bit tiresome having to move so, so many models? How do people usually respond to Nids, are there any pit fall traps I should look out for?

How quickly do you tend to loose broods of gaunts, do they take most of the fire or would it be better to use a Fex as a shield so you can have 30+ attacks from your gaunts in close combat?

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Default Re: So what's it like playing with 'Nids?

Can depend on what type of army you want actually have. in my experience you can get bored with them when you dont play games with them regularly, and are planning to start a new army, but one game of those beasties can change your mind till you get bored again. But thats just me, with my five second attenttion span, possibly why I am so bad a painting. It's fun seeing your army on the table, all painted the same way (I thing that it nids can be easliy painted to good effect, two colers are all you need). It's fun to play Space marines, tyranids just wipe out them if the opponant is a novice (surely you must have noticed?) and they can't handle infiltrated stealers.
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Default Re: So what's it like playing with 'Nids?

The thing about playing Bugs is that you can do -anything- with them.

You can field a balanced army, a Monstrous Creature army, a massive swarm that simply will not lie down, a CC army that can outfight even the best Khorne can throw at you or a Shooting army that can outgun the Tau.

Bugs can do anything and everything, and do it better than everyone if you know your army.

Myself, I field a Shooty Bugs from hell swarm - almost everything I field shoots, and shoots a lot. I generally carry a brood or two of CC stuff to handle certain enemies, but otherwise, I prefer to just hose them down with living ammunition until they stop moving. In my regular army of 1200 points, I had three Zoanthropes, a Carnifex with VC and BS, a Devil tyrant and Guard, 64 gaunts of various makes and 5 Ripper broods.

It can be a bit annoying when you are fielding massive broods like that, but I feel it makes up for itself, because the guy across the table from you is staring at all of those Gaunts and wetting himself with terror.

Important thing to do when you get ready to play is simply to know your army. Think about your strengths and weaknesses, and how your enemy can exploit them. The Bugs are deadly as all hell so long as you know how to use them - some are -made- to be sacrificed so others can race in and raise hell.
Some of our units are filed under the term 'Glass Sledgehammer'. They are generally one-trick ponies - they will hit fast and extremely hard, but you generally only get the one hit with them. Hormagaunts are a good example of that - they generally die after the damage is done, but the damage they inflict is usually SO worth it.

For your last question - it all depends. Tyranids are so mutable and adaptable, that it all depends on just what you are fighting and what would be the better of the two to attack. If you were fighting against soft skins like Guard or Eldar or Tau, then the Carnifex would be best used as a living shield. If against heavy stuff, then it would be best to use the Gaunts aggressive to the point of Suicide to attract all of the attention and gunfire.

In the end, think about your army and the enemy. Play some fights and keep an open mind to tactics. Bugs can be tricky to get the hang of, but once you sync with the nature of the Hive Mind... people will fear you.
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