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Default Genestealers

Hello Tyranid players,

I was looking through your codex and noticed that the Genestealers upgrades don't specify that the entire unit has to take the same upgrade as in other squads. Is it possible to put feeder tendrils, for example, on 1 or 2 models in a squad or did I miss something?
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I can honestly say that if ML's were changed to Assault 1 that there would be an entire sub-set of Tau players ruining the front of their pants while an entire group of opponents would be ruining the back of their pants.
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Default Re: Genestealers

Not sure on the exact ruleing but whenever i see them the whole squad has the same thing, if their isn't something against it then i would say it's ok as long as you put on the right bits to show who has what.
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Default Re: Genestealers

all but warriors and zaonthropes are to have the same weapon/biomorphs. it is stated on the page

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Default Re: Genestealers

Originally Posted by salamut2202
all but warriors and zaonthropes are to have the same weapon/biomorphs. it is stated on the page
Yep, it says that all 'stealers must take the same biomorphs/weapon symbionts (no unikeley equiped guys)

Zoanthropes aren't a propper unit (as they deploy seperatley) and warriors are designed to have flexibility within units.
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