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Tyranid Huge Swarm - Perfect Colour Scheme
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tyranid Huge Swarm - Perfect Colour Scheme

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

Ok on my other thread of my listing of what im looking to purchase in the near future .
( http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...c,86040.0.html )

I ask for advice on a Brilliant Colour Scheme for my army of hundreds of deadly, destroying, limb removing tyranids.

I've thought of 2 schemes, which ill tell you below and if you can please rate them it would be fantastic

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

The Green Skins :-

Skin : Dark Angels Green
Dry brush Skin : Goblin Green
Skin Wash : Thraka Green

Carapace : Warlock Purple
Dry brush Carapace: Hormagaunt purple
Carapace Wash : Leviathan Purple

Blades : Blood Red
Blades Dry Brush : Red Gore
Blades Wash: Baal Red

UNDERCOAT : Chaos Black ( spray )

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

Skin N Bone :-

Skin : Bleached Bone
Skin dry-brush : Skull White

Carapace : Scab Red
Carapace Dry-brush : Red Gore

Blades : Rotting Flesh
Blades Dry brush : Bleached Bone

Undercoat : Chaos Black ( spray )

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

Well Yeeah if you can rate these that will be awsome, ive got time cause im taking my good old time with this army


__________________________________________________ __________________________________
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Default Re: Tyranid Huge Swarm - Perfect Colour Scheme

My brother runs a Green Nid's army

Don't do it - It really doesn't work.

On other hand, Skin'n'Bone sounds incredibly effective.
Reminiscent of Kraken, I feel.
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Default Re: Tyranid Huge Swarm - Perfect Colour Scheme

I have green nids :P
Its....... different. I like it, but that's just me.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Tyranid Huge Swarm - Perfect Colour Scheme

It's realy sad my nids are blood red with gold armor.LOL ;D But I've seen green nids and only the ones done perfect like in the codex for kraken look alright.The one's I've seen were not good.
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