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Quick question regarding 12" leaping assaults.
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Default Quick question regarding 12" leaping assaults.

Straight to the point on an issue me and my tyranid buddy encountered, assaulting into cover via leaping.

1. Do you have to roll difficult terrain? If so, how might that work? Initiative reduced to 1 still? No dangerous terrain effects similar to jump jet infantry moving in difficult terrain correct?
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Default Re: Quick question regarding 12" leaping assaults.

I don't have the rules handy, but from my memory.
Yes, you do roll a difficult terrain test, and to calculate how far your unit moves you take the highest roll and double it. so effective 2'' to 12'' inch charge range.
Initiative is still reduced as normal, which is why you can buy your hormagaunts flesh hooks.
No dangerous terrain tests are required for beasts and cavalry
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