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Tyranids- HQ- Attackers in Planetstrike
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Default Tyranids- HQ- Attackers in Planetstrike

With the newest 40K expansion (planetstrike) tyranids gain a brilliant benefit if they're the attacker by being to field and army made ENTIRLEY of monstrous creatures because the FOC charts don't force you to take any troops 8)
Also you should consider that you can potentially have more than 180 gaunts arriving by Deep Strike!

Choosing your HQ
This is where you can take up to three very powerful units so choose wisely and try not to spend too much on your units if you can avoid it!
There are many ways you can equip your tyrant but in Planetstrike you will most likely Deep Strike most of your units onto the board, if you give your Tyrant wings it becomes Jump Infantry and so gains the Deep Strike (DS) special rule. In Planetstrike attacking units with the Deep Strike rule that use DS to enter the board can assault on the turn they come onto the board but be aware that you can scatter your flyrant into enemy models which can result in fatality by the fortunes of the DS mishap chart.
When deciding the equipment you wish to give your flyrant/tyrant you first need to decide upon a role for it to play wether this be an anti-hoard combat beast, AT combat monster or a ranged weapon beast. The first alternative is achieved by simply giving your tyrant a couple of Scything talons and an Extended carapace/ Warp Field just to increase survival against any stray bullets! Alternative 2 is also easy to attain as you only need equip your tyrant with toxin sacs (to improve our average armour penetration roll to 13) and maybe a couple of scything talons just to give you a few more attacks (more chance of tearing your opponent apart) and if you want to have a go at IC slaughtering then you could give your beast Implant Attack so that you cause more wounds than normal. The 3rd alternative is formed by equipping your tyrant with ranged weapon symbiont's, venom cannons are popular for AT use but can no longer destroy them because they always glance so nowadays a good old pair of Barbed Stranglers does pretty well as it will have a reasonable strength and they have a large area of coverage (large blast)
If you're not giving your tyrant wings then you need to consider his survivability against enemy weapons fire- 4 lascannons and he'll be vapourised so it's advisable going him two or maybe three Tyrants guard just for that extra protection.

This is well covered in the article created by Droids_Rules and its uses in planetsrtike are pretty similar to that of in a normal game. Just bring your Broodlord on from your drop zone so he can charge straight into the closest enemy unit (and so he doesn't suffer from a DS mishap)

Warriors are often thought to be worthless unless playing a synapse dependant army but in planetstrike they're given a new role of being able to get a 1st turn charge, this is done by deploying a unit of warriors each with 2 scything talons, leaping, extended carapace and toxin sacs via your drop zone and nearest to an enemy unit (preferable not a tank or unit with 2+ saves) With leaping your warriors get to be deployed 6" from the board edge and then charge a total of 12" which means that there will most likely be an enemy in charge range.
Warriors also have the ability to DS like most other units in Planetstrike and so can be good at delivering bullets where they're needed most, simply have them equipped with Deathspitters and scything talons (and Extended Carapace as well if you want them to survive for longer) so that they can DS around 12" from the enemy (to avoid mishaps) and then shoot 3 S5 blasts at the enemy which is pretty good at destroying swarm armies such as guard and orks who only have 5/6+ saves.

I will add to this at a later time when i have some more free time- for now feel free to throw in your own C+C on the article
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Default Re: Tyranids- HQ- Attackers in Planetstrike

+1 for a good read. Grammar and spelling need to be cleaned up a little before I add it to the list of important topics, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more.
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Default Re: Tyranids- HQ- Attackers in Planetstrike

I definately agree with your poins and well done, but I feel that planetstrike is meant to be fun, not over competative with very mean armies.
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Default Re: Tyranids- HQ- Attackers in Planetstrike

I'm not talking about how to create cheesy PS armies but rather to allow the 'nids to gain some of the benefits available to them in PS because the Attacker rules make them have a disadvatage against Defenders.
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Default Re: Tyranids- HQ- Attackers in Planetstrike

The problem with counting on an assault after a deep strike is that if you miss with the scatter, the average distance the unit will scatter is 7". So, a conservative distance to deep strike would be 7" away from the enemy unit. The Hive Tyrant isn't fleet, and wouldn't be able to make that assault--unless you were gung ho about it and willing to risk a mishap. You could say that there's an equal chance of him scattering away from the enemy and surviving, but he'd be standing there ready to eat your opponent's lascannon fire in his upcoming turn.

I would argue for not deep striking the tyrant, or at least not deep striking him too close to the enemy unless you're using him as a distraction/bullet magnet.
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Default Re: Tyranids- HQ- Attackers in Planetstrike

This can be solved with one of my favorite attacker strategems: Ground Observer. That allows you to reroll your scatters for deepstrike, and gives you a decent chance of your models to arrive where you want them, and hopefully close enough for assault. Just a little idea to make deepstriking more viable.
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