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What kind of bug army to start with?
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Default What kind of bug army to start with?

Hi there, I'm new to tyranids and was thinking about starting an army. My dilemma is that I can't decide whether to field a genestealer focused list or to just buy the Tyranid Assault brood (more of a hybrid army). In your people's experiences are both these types of armies equally effective or is one better than the other?
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Default Re: What kind of bug army to start with?

It depends on what you want out of your army.

If you want more of a glass cannon, then i would go with the genestealers (it is also probably cheaper money-wise)

If you want an army that can take loads of fire and still keep coming, then go with the gaunt army.

Both will work if played correctly with a good terrain setup and with a good army list.

Which one you should do just depends on what you want out of your army
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Default Re: What kind of bug army to start with?

If you're new to Tyranids, I'd suggest the Assault Brood. If I recall correctly, you essentially get two battleforces worth of critters and an extra Carnifex as well, it's the best bang for your buck and will be a great way to get your Nid army on it's feet and ready to go. This way you can play with a fairly general army and learn your playstyle and preference before making more purchases.

My personal experience is that Genestealers are one of our greatest units, in my experience they are perhaps one of the most powerful close combat units in the game... however, without the proper supporting units they're not going to last very long so it's important to make sure you have the proper support behind them.

Also, in regards to the Carnifexes (and Hive Tyrant, if you ever get one...): I highly recommend magnetizing them. It's a bit of a pain, but trust me when I say in the end it will be well worth it.
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Default Re: What kind of bug army to start with?

Genestealers in a nutshell: Fantastic in assault, so long as you can get them into assault. A squad of genestealers will kill everything short of a Ctan. You will want at least 3 full-sized broods. An assault-oriented Genestealer vanguard would be an refreshing change from your Necrons.

Or, you can go gaunts. If you chose this route you'd end up buying over 100+ gaunts when your list matures to high point games.

Pick either genestealers or gaunts, spam as many as you can, and fill out the rest of your army list to support the theme.

You should still buy that assault brood regardless of the choice you make, though. Just buy a couple extra boxes of gaunts or genestealers on top of it. You'll also want a hive tyrant or two.
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