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How should I arm my carnifex
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Default How should I arm my carnifex

In my collection of of Tyranids i have four Carnifex, one is screamer killer, and the other is a dakka fex. This bring me to my question, how should I arm my remaining two carnifex. In a recent game i used one proxy with a barbed strangler but i had horrible rolls and did not do much damage at all. Given in mind that I have over 160 gaunts and still building how should I arm these two that i have yet to finish?
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Default Re: How should I arm my carnifex

Carnifexes can really compliment any army by filling in spots where you find your army weak. They can be tooled to excel in CC or anti-infantry ranged or anti-tank ranged. I like to play with 4 Carnifexes in large games. One is a Sniperfex, with a Venom Cannon and a Barbed Strangler. Another is a Devilfex, cheap and armed with 2 TL Devourers. I also use two melee Carnifexes, one is cheap and a Screamer-killer, the other is the mandatory Godfex. All have had their moments in games to shine and all have performed poorly.

I would proxy a few different types and configurations through several games and see which tend to work best and compliment your army for you. A list of common armaments can be found here.
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