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Noob 40k Player Looking for help with Nids
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Default Noob 40k Player Looking for help with Nids

hi everyone, im a complete noob when it comes to 40k playing wise. Ive collected in the past but only ever to paint as none of my friends have ever been interested in the game side of warhammer so ive never really got chance to play.

Anyway ive decided that i wanna learn to play as thats what interests me most about 40k. Ive picked up the Nid battleforce and the codex and the 40k rulebook. As im a complete noob to the rules i was wondering if some of you veterans could help me with how i should build the models in my battleforce?

I want a balanced(hybrid?) force with a close combat fex as i like the look of them. The main thing i need help with while i read through the rulebook and codex is how to arm my warriors/gaunts and fex to be useful in a balanced list as i dont want to have to wait till ive learnt the rules to build my army.

thanks alot for reading and hope you can help
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Default Re: Noob 40k Player Looking for help with Nids

Well, be careful with your models, when I first got mine I made plenty of errors in construction. It is best to make vanilla genestealers, give the hormagaunts adrenal glands and Toxic Sacs, and as for the gaunts, go with Fleshborers for now, they are good for lower level games. The Warriors should probably be equipped with a Venom Cannon/Barbed Strangler (your choice, both are good), Scything Talons, and just about nothing else until you have some experience and knowledge from this lovely feeding ground.

As for the Carnifex, hold of on building it until you have gone through it a lot. If you want a godfex, the Scything Talons are an obvious choice, and then add Crushing Claws. After that the musts are Adrenal Glands (put two on the back) and Toxic Miasma (no modeling possibilities). For the head, go with Tusked, then if you want to, add a tail weapon. Then the stuff like Reinforced Chitin go on (just put GS in the cracks of the ribs for a simple representation). That's what I would do. Hope it helps. And Welcome to the grasp of the Immortal Hive Mind. You will now serve us to consume forever and eternity.
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Default Re: Noob 40k Player Looking for help with Nids

I'd say adding magnets would be a good idea. It'll let you have flexibility in the future just in case you end up not liking what you thought you would :P
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Default Re: Noob 40k Player Looking for help with Nids

Stickied topic covers this:


Also, consider reviewing your armies in Vassal. Most people will take the time to work with ya provided you have the codex and manuals on hand. Just do a base 500 army (with you Battleforce set you may just need to add say a BL or use your Warriors as your HQ).
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Default Re: Noob 40k Player Looking for help with Nids

First off, welcome to the swarm! (and welcome to Tau Online!) Please take some time to review our Forum Rules

You'll find some good reading in our Stickied posts here in the Tyranid forum, I would highly suggest reading them when you have the chance.

I think you'll find a wide range of suggestions here. There are a lot of us that have widely variant playstyles and that'll make us add widely variant suggestions to your thread.

For instance, I would not recommend adding anything extra to your Hormagaunts. They won't be as effective as one with adrenal glands and toxin sacs, but they still do what I use them for, quick close combat tie-up for a unit that would otherwise tear me up in shooting - and they won't cost as much which will give you points to put into other things. Against MEQs (Marine Equivalents) they'll die, but they'll buy you a turn of not getting shot as long as you used enough of them, and against GEQs (Guard Equivalents) they can do some but not impressive damage. I usually rely on bigger nastier things to do my clean up.

I also am not a huge fan of ranged combat with my army. I tend to go very heavy CC, including on the Warriors (but with the set you have, you won't have an extra set of Rending Claws) So my first 3 Warriors out of my very first set (the Battleforce same as yours) I modeled them with 1 Large Scything talon & Rending claws, 1 Venom Cannon & small scything, and 1 Barbed Strangler & small scything. I usually fielded them as rending/scything and just let my opponent know that's what they were beforehand, but I'm finally starting to get enough Warriors I don't have to do that anymore.

I would also model your Genestealers minus any bio-morphs except maybe Feeder Tendrils. Unfortunately you're not going to have enough Feeder Tendril heads to do the whole brood, so you'd need to buy more of those heads or green stuff the tendrils in. I'll be green stuffing my Genestealer tendrils at some point when I get around to it.

If you want a CC Fex, I would highly suggest going with something relatively small & point efficient (+WS adrenal, Bio-plasma, 2x Scything, Flesh Hooks - or replace Bio-plasma with Toxic Miasma - this will give you a Fex that can be fielded as an Elite rather than Heavy Support in games of 1,500pts and over). I'd shy away from building a monster Godfex with a massive amount of points in one place, I've never found them to be worth it. If you want a slightly better CC Fex than the few upgrades mentioned above... Extended Carapace / and Adrenal +I are good point investments for survivability and going before power fists too, but will jump you over the Elite threshold in 1,500+ pt games.

If you are good at modeling/converting the use of magnets could give you a lot of flexibility. That's not something I'm very comfortable with doing yet myself though.

Also one of the best things I think you'll find is if you are playing with friends, ask to proxy some things before you go and start modeling though. Get the chance to play some games and find a playstyle you like before setting your models in a permanent bio-morphed state. That'll give you a chance to really find what you like before you regret putting biomorphs on your models.

One point I would like to make, you are going to find yourself short on Synapse coverage with just the Battleforce. All you have for Synapse are the Warriors, and they can get gibbed pretty quick. You'll probably want to look at expanding your force when you get the chance with a Hive Tyrant, possibly some Zoanthropes, and maybe a Broodlord. In the mean time, try to buy your warriors survival time with cover saves, and keep them near the Gaunts / Hormagaunts to keep them in line, they will be almost but not quite useless if they don't have Synapse coverage.
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Default Re: Noob 40k Player Looking for help with Nids

thanks for replys guys their very helpful. Ill get a 500pt list made as soon as i can, itll probably not be great with not knowing 40k but hopefully some of you can tweak it abit, thanks again
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