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Hive Fleet Names
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Default Re: Hive Fleet Names

Most of them as you rightly said are named as Dark Mythical Creatures. In the modern internet world of today, calling your Hive Fleet Leonard might get people confused and expect conversions of a hive tryrant kicking some one in the chest down a well with its very manly chest on show.

Names like Hive Fleet Gorgon and Hive Fleet Chimera are cooler sounding and in keeping with GW naming.
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Default Re: Hive Fleet Names

From Konrad's post in the Conversion section

"This is sparta." (purposely reversed, maybe I should leave madness?)
"This... is... LEONARD!"

Seriously, I'd go with Bahamut or Gilgamesh as an easily recognizable name that still fits with the imperial scheme. Or Adramelech because the name sounds similar (in a phonetic sense.) I'd completely ditch Nostromo and Leonard. As USAFTACP pointed out, your army doesn't need to be a Hive Fleet. Some people even call their armies Splinter Fleets. In the end you can call them "The Tyranid incursion from planet <X>" (for example.) Not that I'm trying to turn you away from calling your army a Hive Fleet, just offering more creative juices.
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Default Re: Hive Fleet Names

From the ones you have listed I like Bahamut the most. Allthough the Arabic myth dealth with a huge fish, whose to say that 18k years later Final Fantasy goes from video game to myth? Then you could buy a Bahamut model and use its wing for a winged tyrant conversion.

Have you thought of not using a human name to call your hive fleet? Perhaps your hive fleet has yet to come across the Imperium and has only fought Tau or Orks. Then you could use what they named the fleet.

Y'he Va = great tyranids for a nidzilla fleet
Y'he M'yen = unforsceen tyranids for a vanguard fleet
Y'he Eldi = winged tryanids for a winged fleet

Check out the Tau boards for other ideas: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=1709

Ork: pretty much call tyranids bugz, but you further catagorize them (translation from Ork codex)
Fleet Dakka bugz = shooty fleet
Fleet Tuf bugz = nidzilla fleet
Fleet Wurrmorgul = weird feral death

Those are the two races I'm most familar with, but I'm sure there are phrases you could use from other races to name you fleet. You can also go wtih another language besides English. When I was writing comics, as a kid, most names are copywritted by DC/Marvel so finding new names was hard. I ended up naming a lot of my characters by using other languages. I had a character that was much like Storm from the X-Men and I called him Arashi, which is Japanese for storm.

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Default Re: Hive Fleet Names

That's a good idea Scoutfoc, allow me to build on that idea.

Perhaps a name for every army? Since nobody but the Imperium calls the hive fleets their names, maybe you can make a name for every race depending on who you're going to fight. That would be very fluffy.
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Default Re: Hive Fleet Names

Thanks for the feedback all of you! I especially like the bits about having names in different languages and/or different names depending on what army I'm fighting. I'll have to put some serious thought into that. As far as not naming my army I thought of that too but the chance to come up with a bad ass name and have it circulate amongst my local area is just something that's too tempting to pass up for me but I certainly see your points.
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Default Re: Hive Fleet Names

I use the "Brood of the Dark Sun" as a moniker for my league list.

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Default Re: Hive Fleet Names

I like Nostromo, Bahumat, and Gilgamesh, if for no other reason then they roll off of the tongue very nicely. The idea of naming your fleet depending on what opponents you fight is very neat as well, but I know I fight far too many different armies to make it work.

My Hive Fleet is named Mjolnir. I just pulled it out of my head one day many months ago and it stuck. It's suitably 'mythic,' no?
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Default Re: Hive Fleet Names

I'm really liking the name 'Nostromo' it'll really suit a name for a Hive Fleet.

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Default Re: Hive Fleet Names

I'm using Hive Fleet Myrmidon... roughly translated in Greek to Ant-Men...
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Default Re: Hive Fleet Names

does a hive fleet name need to have any real meaning or like story line behind it or can it just be made up

cause ive played tyranids and chaos and stuff before
but like whats with these fleet names i dont get it
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