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Make me part o the Hive
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Make me part o the Hive

I have come to a hard fought battle and have chosen between two armies. 1- SoB 2- Tyranids.

I know you tell us to pick the modles we like and I like them all from these two armies. Tell me about theTyranids and make me join you. 1.are they competative.
2. are they fun to play with and against
3.what is the learing curve

Tell me anything you think i might want to know- Thank you
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Default Re: Make me part o the Hive

1. Are they competetive?
A: Diffinetly yes! Nidzilla, Without Number, we have plenty of competetive juices.

2. Are they fun to play with and against?
A: Deffenetly, Outflank spam genestealers, Lictors, and making that brood pop right back up to grab the objective is fun.

3. What is the learnin curve?
A: Tactics wise, not terrible high, but you should post your lists for tweeking and such before you build anything, and you might put poor bio-morphs on a unit by accident.

Advice: don't put any bio-morphs on your gaunts, they won't be worth it.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 62
Default Re: Make me part o the Hive

I also need to know why I should chose Nids over SoB
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Default Re: Make me part o the Hive

Well, everything he said are things SoB can't do that nids can. I don't play SoB and neither have I ever played against them, however as far as I know the models are all metal which typically means they are more expensive and less customizable.

The sisters do have a few good models, and you can also mix them into the Space Marines (also as far as I know) and that's about the only good thing I can come up with as a person with very little experience with the sisters.

As for why I play the nids, it was partly story, partly models, mostly customization.

The nid battleforce is also ready out of the box to table an army (although not really a very good one.)

You can take warriors and make them flying so they become fast attack, you can make them ranged and melee.

Gaunts come in two (or three) flavors which are ranged melee and flying (gargoyles).

The Tyrants can be flying (though still HQ choices) but can play a wide variety of roles (anti-infantry, somewhat anti-tank, psychic power support).

The Carnifex is gorgeous. High strength and toughness you can pull 2 S10 shots and one large blast S8 pinning shot a turn with the fex. You can also make them monster melee fighters with more than half of the biomorphs in the book available to equip them with.

Genestealers just have a special place in my heart from Space Hulk. Even though they took a bit a hit with the rending changed from 4th to 5th edition, they are still powerhouses. Stick on a Broodlord or Lictor for some sneak attacks and the feeder tendrils for added bonuses.

You can make an all shooty army, an all ranged army, an army that is completely in reserve, another that's all flying, one all small monsters, one all large. The options are plenty and it gives you a lot of room to make an army that is molded to your style.

As I have done a few times, I have to bring up The Tyranid Primer. It has lots of information on different army templates as well as talk of the individual units. I'd definitely give that a read over.
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Default Re: Make me part o the Hive

One thing to consider would be the SoB are mostly metal models I think, while we have a large range of plastic models. We do have a few metal units, but we have nice plastic kits for the Carnifex, Warriors, Gaunts, Hormagaunts, and Genestealers (and Rippers & Spore Mines). Personally, I like modeling with the plastic kits much better than with metal, but that's only part of the consideration when thinking of making an army.

The Tyranids are competitive in multiple types of lists - nidzilla is very powerful in Annihilation games, you can be competitive with a balanced list, and even find success with a swarmy list or fun-fluff things like a Vanguard (Genestealer-heavy) list. You can be competitive focusing on CC or on Ranged combat.

I think they are extremely fun to play. I've only had one quick small game against someone that played Tyranids, so I don't have much to say playing against them - but I don't think we're in the position of being "cheesily" overpowered, other armies certainlty can and will beat you on occasion (player skill level must be considered though).

I don't think the learning curve for the army is too bad. The army is more forgiving of mistakes than it seems something like Eldar would be, but it's probably less so than something like Marines.

That said, I wrote a "reason to play Tyranids" post to you in the General Forum in the beginning of January when you were asking whether to pick up Tau or Tyranids. Most of the points still stand against the SoB as well.

Personally, I really like the SoB models, and think they have neat designs and an interesting feel fluff-wise. But I'm at home in the Swarm for most of the reasons detailed in my other post linked for you above.
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