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Help for a possible beginner
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Default Help for a possible beginner

Hi all,

I'm thinking of collecting nids, but don't want to spend absolute buckets on them.

Does anyone have any advice on how I could start up an army and get it to 1500 pts relatively quickly?

Normally my opponents are:
An eldar player who has insane tanks with lots of the eldar pwning units
A necron player who always uses resurrection orb and wraiths
A guard player who has a stupid amount of kasrkin and leman russ tanks
And a Tau player who favours XV8 crisis suits and fire warriors.

Thanks in advance!
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Default Re: Help for a possible beginner

Your best bet, money wise, is to pick up some of the Apocalypse sets if you can find them. There was a great one for $180 USD that basically gave you two battleforces and an extra Carnifex (can't remember it's name).

Aside from that, you should look into Battleforces. They're the cheapest and most efficient way to get a solid Nid army started up.
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Default Re: Help for a possible beginner

I have to second Sionnach on what to buy, which is the Tyranid Assault brood, which as states in its flavor text, has approx 1500 pts. just in the box. My suggestion to you for the set is to set up a Warrior brood as long range anti armor that can move with the troops and blast away, and upgrade their BS So they can have a better pecentage of shooting, and the second Warrior brood as assault specialists.

as far as Necrons go, almost all use rez. orb.. and wriaths will be swamped by your nids.
Also, from what i have seen, have only one Fex actually be kitted up for range. the other two should be for close combat in some form. That should cover most of what Nids do, and it all comes in one big box ;D

*edit* http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=52300.0
methinks they got it covered :P
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Default Re: Help for a possible beginner

fastest and cheapest way to get to 1500 with nids is to buy the apocalypse box set that brings 3 carnifexes for $90 and the assault brood that brings troops and an HQ.

Buy those 2 items $270 and you'll get 6 carnifexes, build 3 god fexes worth about 200+ points each and 3 elite fexes for about 113 points each.

That'll be nearly 1,000 points in your army list already covered.
and then the gaunts/genestealers can cover most of the remaining 500 points with some points left for HQ.

and voila 1500 points of nids for only 270 dollars and the list WILL be competitive.
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