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Starting Nids
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Default Starting Nids

Hello nid players! I am going to start another army soon and out of the tree armies i havnt played, I chose nids. I like the Vanguard organisms (Broodlords, Stealers, Raveners, Lictors, etc.) so I was going to start a stealer cult army using little to no synapse needing creatures. I know that isnt the typical nid playing style, but I prefer fun armies over fluff accurate because they offer more freedom in games and make the army personal. So my questions are:

What upgrades are needed for stealers to make them more effective?

Do TMCs require synapse?
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Default Re: Starting Nids

Nothing in a vanguard organizm list needs synapse, and neither do TMCs.

Stealers should have Feeder Tendrils, the new Prefered enemy rule is delicious. Extended Carapace makes them very durable, but its expensive and should be left for Broodlord Rentinues. Toxin Sacs and Sything Talons are also really expensive, so leave them out most of the time. Acid Maw is another costly one, if you are facing Death Guard though, it is a must, as rerolling Rends it big.
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Default Re: Starting Nids

Well genestealers updates are all up to you. There are diferent flavours and you have to choose those you like.
For personnal use I rather prefer cheap, dispendable genestealers so my oponent can be knock off with numbers.
I Always upgrade them with flesh hooks, this will allow them to use their high iniciative striking first and not to get penalty of striking last if attacking enemies on covers.
If you want to make a surprise attack, purchase scuttlers to allow them to outflank youre oponent (combine with flesh hooks as I explain).
If you know you will move fast and strike first, scything talons and toxic sacs are an amazing upgrades that can give you the upper hand against hordes or specialized enemies troops (like terminators) not only grants you +1 attack, that also giving you strength 5 combining with their rending claws will wound youre T3/T4 oponnets easier.
Feeder tendrills its good upgrade to allow re-roll on hitting.
Extended carapace its and wise upgrade(giving 4+ save) but still got plenty problems. You know youre genes with this upgrade will withstand bolters shoots and all Ap5/6 shoots, still they if they dont die by this they will die by heavy bolters and Ap 4 weapons. This upgrade must be bought wisely and measure its consquences for all youre army.
The remaining upgrade like acid maw and implant attack are good as well, but you need to specified with broods will take this and if these upgrades are worth using (there expensive you know? ;D).

Creature that need synapse! Well in this kind of army they are few, only the ravener needs to make constant test if he finds himself out of synapse, but still not big deal :P, he got Ld10, its kinda hard for him to fail a test.
Synapse can be worth if you know units like Lictors can be killed by instant death or genestealers will be tested if they lose casualties.
If you get the lictor within range, its rather he survive instant death shoots
As well makes all units around it fearless.
Still in my opinion, This can be usefull against powerfists and that kind of weapons, but otherwise its not matter, he usually get an improved cover that can reach a 2+, soo no big deal ^-^

Broodlords its the same matter as stealers, but unlike them you rather prefer giving him with 96pts all good upgrades to improve his armour and strength caractheristics.

Raveners its a serpent like creature that in average/big numbers can deal alot of punishment. A ravener in close combat its a bitter oponent to be killed, a brood of 4+ will be a delightfull sight of slaugther ;D
The best hand upgrade its the mix of rending claw/scything talons, this way compared to the other weapon only makes you lose 1 attack and favours you with rending rules, allowing to kill even youre toughness oponents wilth a clean cut.
As you know deepstriking units may not assault, and otherwise will be spilty in blood after showing up and before moving around on field.
If you purchase shooting biomorphs to the raveners you will make them much more reliable unit to trust on. In my opinion the devourers fit well in this creepy monsters ;D
even thought S3 hit seems weak, each one will shoot 6 shoots each and with the mix of numbers will allow you to make a worth shooting unit for the game. ;D

The lictors: There is much thing to say about this fellow. Some said hes worthless, other said its a precious unit. I prefer saying that lictor its a "big and improved genestealer" with stealth skill and some nasty stuff.
If you outflank the pheromone trail will allow you to re-roll reserves rolls. This will allow you to deploy youre outflanking units as you want more often.
Hit and run skill its good if you beat youre oponent, allowing you to run 3 D6 in a straight direction.
His special skill of stealthing its one of his(if not the best) advantage, granting him +2 cover save (minimum 2+) if hes in terrain areas.
The remaining profiles its a mostly like a genestealer though its Strength and wound values are quite high. OOO and I forgot hes benefits from the flesh hooks upgrade on his profile.
Other please advantage on him its his deep strike, allowing him, otherwise other units, to assault the turn he shows up. This makes him quite nasty ;D

If you oponent allow you to fit some special caracther from the 3th edi nid codex, i will tip the Red Terror as a suitable unit.
Hes a monstrous creature with Ws6/S and T5 and 5 attacks as well hes 3+ save.
The major problem its his iniciative value of 3, but still not matter, he benefits from other rules.
He moves 9 and charges 9
If you wound 4 or more of hes attacks, pick a enemy units with (no T or S5, no bikers or cavalary and no armour points value) and then he will swalloe its prey in one peice removing it after he does.
Soo if youre enemie stick a squad and a space marine captain in combat with this fellow and he wounds 4+ enemies, you can pick his SM captain and then bye bye cappy ;D you´ve been eatedlol
If you mix these one with raveners (not powerfull as the Trygon/raveners combination, still its quite a nasty and can prove strong steel t youre oponents ranks)

I hope I gave you the right councils to help you choosing the best vanguard variety of the tyranids. ;D
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