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Tryaind tacitics (for your own entertainment)
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Default Tryaind tacitics (for your own entertainment)

This post has been plagiarized from Tyranid Tactics - added quotation for clarity. Plagiarism is disallowed on Tau Online - please review the Forum Rules


Tyranid armies have the look of nightmarish insects (being not from this galaxy, they are the true aliens in the game) and most broods excel at HtH combat. Their Hive Mind ability keeps the scrub troops in front from running away in the face of any storm of gunfire. All their weapons are Assault quality (always move/shoot maximum range) so they don't have to sit for a turn and shoot. Did I mention they're really good in HtH combat? Many people who play against Tyranids don't move unless necessary (unless to better their position), which means the Tyranids have to travel a great deal to close with the enemy. Most of the Tyranid weapons are short ranged and most broods have weak armour.
As a bonus Tyranids can deploy using two special deployments: Mycetic Spores and Infestation. Mycetic Spores allow the entire detachment to Deep Strike while the Infestation allows for infiltration of your units. However, these are optional and you must get your opponents permission, which I have never been able to get. (Ha! Fat chance of that ever happening! Like any opposing player wants to have a Tyranid brood within assault range by the second turn!)

Heavy Support

Tyranids have a normal list of Heavy Support. Each unit fulfils a specific purpose on the battlefield and is quite good at what it does too.


Biovores provide static indirect artillery batteries with ammunition that floats around the board. Apart from the obvious use of shelling your enemy with living floating bombs, you could shell potentially important areas of the board to deter your opponent from moving troops about. Biovores are also treated as individual broods, so your enemy will have to dedicate more units to eliminating your biovores. While good against infantry (S5 AP5 with an ordinance template), it's a poor vehicle destroyer.


Carnifex models provide brood HtH support and are especially good at destroying vehicles (S10 Monstrous Creature). Unfortunately its invulnerable save won't protect it from harm forever, so keep skirmishing troops in front of it and run it towards the enemy. I find their only option, the Plasma Breath attack, a waste because you tend to destroy the closest models which will keep you just out of reach for another round.


Zoanthropes are much better in the third edition rules than the previous edition. Their psychic attack has a high strength and ignores all normal armour saves. They have the best armour save of the Hive Mind. They strike fear in the heart of units with high armour saves and even can give vehicles a hard time. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) they are limited to one brood per detachment.


Most of the Tyranid troop types are fodder for the other broods. Their sole purpose is to get keep the better-armed broods from getting shot up. However when they do get into HtH combat, they can be a very real threat by tying up the enemy while the better armed broods close in the for kill.

Ripper Swarms

Ripper Swarms aren't much to look at: they look like the Millisaur's punk little brother and they have no ranged weapons. You'd rather shoot at a more immediate threat, like those Genestealers coming up behind them. However you can't because the Swarms are blocking the Termegants which are blocking the Genestealers. Get the idea? Don't avoid these little harmless scrub troops for long; if they aren't sufficiently pruned they can be menace. Ripper swarms are Fearless and have three wounds, which helps them stay alive. I played a game where they even managed to keep a SM Librarian busy for half of one game. Good for the Tyranids; embarrassing for the Librarian.


Termagants are similar to Ork Gretchin: primarily scrub troops that protect the better troops behind them. If they kill anything, it's a bonus. Termagants have the same range but a higher strength weapon (S4 versus S3) as Gretchin. Termagants are also better at HtH combat than Gretchin (S3 versus S2), so shoot when you can and get them into HtH combat.


Genestealers are the Tyranid players best Troops. They are quick (I6), competent fighters (WS6) whose Razor Sharp Claws (no armour save) make Genestealers the best Troop type in the game. However they are expensive and can only be fielded in small groups. They are also not as rough on vehicles anymore. Don't let them get shot up and they'll see you through almost any Assault Phase.

Spore Mines

I've never had the urge to deploy Spore Mines as Troops. While they do scatter about and could cause all sorts of mischief, their random direction and inability to hold table quarters limits their effectiveness. However, they could be a real surprise if the Tyranid player uses the special Mycetic Spore deployment.


Tyranids have only two elite broods and these have been much maligned by the Tyranid players I've spoken to.

Tyranid Warriors

It is a common opinion that Tyranid Warriors are too expensive and don't serve a good enough purpose with the Tyranid Hive Mind. This may be true, but they are good for two very good reasons: weapon variations and their Hive Node ability. Tyranid Warriors can choose variable weapons: the Venom Cannon for dispatching vehicles and Barbed Strangler/Devourers for chewing through troops. Tyranid Warriors can keep the rest of your troops from fleeing the game with their Hive Node ability.
Lictors have an even worse reputation and few Tyranid players use them. They have a decent amount of attacks and can Infiltrate/Deep Strike, but lack the ability to dispatch heavier armoured troops on their own. Lictors are also hamstrung by the amount of Elite slots in a detachment.


The Tyranids have only one HQ unit and it's a doozy. Larger than life and twice as ugly, the Hive Tyrant is quick (I6), strong (S6) and benefits from being a Monstrous Creature. You can arm it with either a tank-busting Venom Cannon or mow down troops with the Barbed Strangler. It also has the Hive Node ability to keep the lesser broods in line. It can laugh off intense fire with its Invulnerable Save. Keep it in the rear with troops to support it and you can't go wrong or get him into HtH combat and the enemy will Conga Line to the dead pile. Buy two if you have the points.

Fast Attack

Tyranids have a decent, if limited, choice for Fast Attack.


Gargoyles are the Tyranid players' jump pack troops. With their twelve-inch move and assault weapons, they can move to almost anywhere on the table in a few turns. They suffer from a low toughness and short ranged firepower, but are otherwise good troops.


Hormagaunts are the secret weapon of the Tyranid Hive Mind. While they have no ranged attacks, they are good HtH fighters and are tall enough to block the larger Hive Mind creatures (Hive Tyrant and Warriors) from incoming fire. Their only shortcoming is a poor Leadership, so keep them close to the Hive Mind.


Tyranids get stiffed when it comes to wargear/upgrades. Not withstanding weapon upgrades for broods, they can only get Flesh Hooks, which are the equivalent of Frag Grenades. Tyranids are known for their dizzying array of Biomorphs, so this situation will change dramatically when the Tyranid Codex ships
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Default Re: Tryaind tacitics (for your own entertainment)

Hormagaunts aren't FA choices buddy
Take a look at my IG/Ork project log

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Default Re: Tryaind tacitics (for your own entertainment)

Um...we're in Fifth Edition, and the Codex came out years ago. This feels like an odd case of time travel to be honest.
Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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Default Re: Tryaind tacitics (for your own entertainment)

And you can read where this was copied from here.

Plagiarizing is against Tau Online's Terms of Service. Don't do it.
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