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Hive Fleet Luna Campaign Report 2
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Default Hive Fleet Luna Campaign Report 2

Alright sorry no pics this time I took Gas19D with me so he'd take the pics for the battle report while I play (I even bought him lunch...) and the bastard refused to take the pics while I was there.

A lot of you would've probably enjoyed seeing how this game turned out, as I got my butt royally handed to me.

It was Tyranids vs Space Marines
Mission: Seize Ground (5 Objectives, I hate that...)
Deployment: Spearhead (I hate spearhead with a passion...)

We had very little terrain unfortunately, and he won the first turn.
Since I don't have pics I"ll just give a quick summary of each turn.

Turn 1
He shot 3 wounds into my mixed fex, which really hurt me as it was my best gun at range. He also whirlwinded my Broodlord's squad which I had infiltrated 18" away in a forest. I was unaware that the shot counts as being fired from where ever the center of the hole is and took some wounds there.

During my turn I venom cannoned the whirlwind causing it to be immobilised and shaken, and I shot all my elite fexes at his attack bikes causing 3 wounds (he got ridiculously lucky rolls...).

Turn 2

Almost all his units on reserve came into play except for a squad of scouts (he split the scouts into combat squads). The land speeders and the assault marines came in from reserves normally and during this turn I lost all genestealers in the broodlord unit, my mixed fex and the cc fex. Leaving me with only 3 devourer fexes on the board and a broodlord.

During my turn I received 3 units of genestealers outflanking from the right side. And subsequently took out one of his scout units and consolidated forward with all 3. The elite fexes did almost no damage as the space marines kept making most of their armour saves and I assaulted his assault marines with my broodlord and the elite fex assaulted his dreadnaught, causing it to be immobilised and armament destroyed it's dreadnaught CC weapon. The broodlord killed 5 assault marines before dying himself.

Turn 3
FLAMERS! FLAMERS! FLAMERS! The landspeeders zoomed in on the genestealers and flamed them to hell and back killing a whole unit on their own. The whirlwind and bolter fire crippled another unit of stealers, and the terminators killed an elite fex.

During my turn I found out that feeder tendrils does NOT work on vehicles unless they are walkers, which I was unaware of this whole time (go figure) and I assaulted the landspeeders as I received another unit of genestealers from outflank and I sent the other remaining unit to kill off the annoying whirlwind. I destroyed 2 landspeeders as I had about 50+ attacks but needed 6s to hit and 6s to penetrate, and one of the landspeeder blew up taking 5 more stealers with it.

Turn 4
Flames everywhere as he fortified his positions and shot his bolters and flamers at my genestealers, while his bikes meltagunned the elite fexes. I lost the 2 squads of genestealers that were nicely surrounding the landspeeder thanks to some heavy flaming.

During my turn I split up my remaining elite fexes one to shoot the attack bikes and do nothing while the other shot the assault marines and killed 4 leaving only one flamer alive. I had received my last 2 outflanking units of stealers and was unable to assault anything at this point so I just aimed at the landspeeder and hoped for the best unfortunately I got nothing on it.

Turn 5
My opponent oddly enough left his objectives since he was more focused on trying to wipe me off the board it seems and aimed to take out all the remaining units of genestealers. However after realizing he wasnt holding objectives anymore he used his RUN moves to try and make it towards the objectives. This was a very poorly played turn for him as it gave me a chance to counter-attack.

And counter-attack I did as I moved my genestealers just at around 5" away from his troop unit in order to assault him and force him out of cover while not taking a difficult terrain test myself. So I managed to yank him out and kill half his unit while taking 4 losses myself, he passed his morale check and remained in combat. We rolled to see if the game ended and it was a 2. So the game effectively ended in a draw as he was able to get 1 of his models that was in combat with one of mine to be within 3" of one of the objectives during the defender's react move.

However for campaign purposes this draw was considered a victory for him, since he had more victory points that I had. Being that he was at rank 2 and I am rank 1, the ranks remained unchanged.
Back to 40k.
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