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Scuttler conversions?
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Default Scuttler conversions?

Hey guys, I was wondering what a scuttler conversion was exactly. The old version of the GW site (Au) says that we should model scuttlers appropriately.

How would you go about doing that? It's not very clear to me.
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Default Re: Scuttler conversions?

Yeah, it is a bit hazy of a conversion, given Scuttlers really just means that they're stealthy, advance troops and isn't exactly a biomorph. If I remember correctly, the Apocalypse rulebook describes the Tyranid army showcased within as having it's Genestealers converted to represent the Scuttlers biomorph. If you want a closer look at those Genestealers, you can find two of them in the Showcase section of the Tyranid 4th Ed. Codex. To be honest, those Genestealers seem to be just neat poses and conversions and I'd never think they had Scuttlers just because I saw the model, but it's probally just the nature of the conversions for the biomorph; there really isn't a set way to do it.
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Default Re: Scuttler conversions?

I didn't realize there was a conversion for it. I just thought it was something they could do and it would be made obvious to everyone when they took that scout movement before the game started or outflanked. I'll have to look for those pictures.
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Default Re: Scuttler conversions?

You don't actually 'need' to model scuttling.
It's a biomorph and 5th edition is more forgiving than previous editions were in regards to WYSIWYG

Unless you just want to do it for the hell of it, I would suggest not bothering with it.

Also an easy way to get the 'scuttling' effect is to use the hormagant bodies.

Modeling scuttling is as pointless as modeling leaping IMO, i leave it as a biomorph(in the same rank as a model having a frag grenade) and call it a day.
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