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broods to synap creature ratios
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Default broods to synap creature ratios

I'm new to nids and was looking for some advise for my 1500 pt army. what would be a good ratio of broods that need synaps to synaps creatures just woundering how many i would need seeing i have 4 synaps units available at the time so im running a 1 to 1 ratio but would a 1 to 2 ratio be ok as well?

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Default Re: broods to synap creature ratios

1:1 donor to acceptor seems a bit high personally. However this ratio can change dependent on what your general army composition is. A nidzilla sort of list can get away with having just 1 or 2 synapse creatures as your list includes such high leadership that it is unlikely synapse will be a must. Conversely a gaunt heavy list is the opposite, as they are all but dependent on the hive mind and may need a brood of warriors and/or Zoanthropes. So, which army composition description fits yours? If a combination of the two, then take an intermediate amount. Another interesting exercise could be to deploy your army on a table and inspect which units are under synapse and try and judge the likely hood that that synapse provider is going to be alive. If your sole synapse provider is a couple brood of warriors, don't expect them to live to see the end of the game.
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Default Re: broods to synap creature ratios

That depends on WHAT synapse you plan to field. There is strong synapse and weak synapse.

Strong Synapse - Hive Tyrant (w/Extended Carapace, Warp Field), Zoanthropes

Standard Synapse - Hive Tyrant, Broodlord, Elite Warriors (w/Extended Carapace)

Weak Synapse - Winged Warriors, Elite Warriors

So pretty much it depends on their save. A 5+ save will make your synapse very very very horribly vulnerable so never use it unless you are going to take mass numbers of them. A good ratio would be 5:1. You'll need about 5 warriors to give reliable synapse to 1 unit, so hopefully if the warriors get shot maybe 1 will survive and keep things running.

Normal synapse are just standard. Hive Tyrants without extra protection broodlords with or without carapace and warriors with carapace. A 3+ or 4+ save goes a long way. So squads of 4+ warriors can work and survive a couple turns. The broodlord however isn't very dependable as a synapse creature because he's usually out infront or outflanking but he's still useful.

The strongest synapse are the zoanthropes and tyrants with carapace or warpfield. 3 zoanthropes and 2 tyrants are normally enough to give reliable synapse to any number of tyranid units. Because they take a lot of fire before going down with their 2+ saves. These guys can carry the torch for 2 units. so 1:2

So when making your list decide what kind of synapse u have available and how many units need it.
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Default Re: broods to synap creature ratios

In general I play 4 broods 2 each of gaunts and hormagaunts 16 strong with a fex or 2 as of right now with a tyrant and 3 small squads of warriors which im going to make bigger. I do have 2 zoanthropes and another tyrant i have that are not together along with a brood lord and a couple of other misc models that need to be put together and painted.

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