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Equipping Tyranids for 5th ed - Ripper Swarms
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Default Equipping Tyranids for 5th ed - Ripper Swarms

My analysis
Adrenal Glands (I) - NO - There's no reason to take this for Rippers since you don't get a big improvement to what you already have.
Adrenal Glands (W) - NO - Same as above. Doesn't help you much, can be somewhat nice defensively but by all means it's not worth the points.
Enhanced Senses - YES - You NEED these if you want to take spinefists! Otherwise your shooting will suffer tremendously.
Extended Carapace - MAYBE - somewhat useful, you can increase durability in CC but overall not really worth it, however it's optional if you have points to spare.
Flesh Hooks - NO - Big No No. You aren't going to hit many enemies first in the first place so why bother with these?
Leaping - MAYBE - Very useful since many opponents don't expect this biomorph of ripper swarms and may get too close. and Overall it's useful in getting rippers into combat. However it's not really mandatory.
Toxin Sacs - YES - Yes! Take this if you are taking rippers, it will boost your effectiveness greatly and you'll make back the points quickly. This is also necessary if you take spinefists, the overall cost is ridiculously low and gives a large increase in killing power. You'll make back the points through shooting and CC quickly.
Winged - MAYBE - If you want to get into combat faster and don't want to take leaping then this is your best choice. it's a bit expensive but not a bad choice for rippers. Beware however that taking this makes rippers fast attack choices. Wings combo very well with the shooty set up of ripper swarms.

Spinefists - YES - This weapon is great for Ripper Swarms when paired with toxin sacs and enhanced senses. Much more bang for the buck than when used by gaunts. I strongly recommend.

Recommended Configurations To Use
Rippers are VULNERABLE TO BLASTS so keep that in mind at all times when using them. You don't want them getting wiped off the board too easily. Try to keep them in smaller broods of 4 - 6 to avoid making them a large bullseye target.

4 Ripper Swarm @ 64 Pts
Enhanced Senses +1 BS; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Spinefists

- The most effective set up all-round. May seem expensive at first but it's not costing any more than a Genestealer per Ripper base. However for the same price these suckers are MUCH more effective. A group of 4 shoots pretty good, causing 1.5 MEQ deaths with shoots and 1 MEQ killed per turn in CC. Rating 10/10

4 Ripper Swarm @ 52 Pts
Toxin Sacs +1 St

- If you want to just focus on CC them slap toxin sacs on them and cut them loose. They can still kill 1 MEQ per turn and cost 13 points per base. It's a good CC unit and more cost effective than taking base rippers. Rating 9/10

6 Ripper Swarm @ 60 Pts

- If you really dont want to spend any points you can take them base. But to get the same damage output you'll have to add on more rippers. Not a bad deal considering you get 3 wounds per base. This unit works good at tying up enemies. Rating 8/10
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