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Need some advice
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Need some advice

I have been out of the game for a while and have never played with Tyranids, but i have a Tyranid Battle Force. If anyone has any advice as to how to set them up, in terms of biomorphs, I would gladly appreciate it.

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Default Re: Need some advice

One of the great things about nids that they evolve to suit there needs, so it really depends on your style of play.
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Default Re: Need some advice

I would strongly suggest a sniperfex or magnet fex - some details are in the thread linked to in my Sig.

For the warriors, I would also consider converting one into a ravener, and making a fill-in one using the sspare head and limbs.

Stealers need armour less now due to new cover rules. scytals is a matter of preference - my general feeling is the more wounds to deliver those rends the better (i.e. don't take scytals, take two more stealers).

hormogaunts with toxin sacs tend to do well.

Seriously consider getting a winged tyrant - again some conversion ideas in my sig. For the money for the model, you get a brilliant all-round unit that can be a meq/MC killer (with scytals) or a all-round killer (twin linked devourers).

As for the gun gaunts, there are many threads about the different set-ups and their strengths/weaknessess. Spinegaunts are good for bodycount but may be more a set-up for counter-charge in 5th. devourer gaunts and termagaunts are better at GEQs and MEQS respectively (if I remember correctly).

THere are some good FAQs linked up the top of thee forums for more details on the mathhammer aspect.


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Default Re: Need some advice

Carl, I would advise that you check out the stickies for setups for your various beasties.

Off the top of my head, I would recommend Warriors with Deathspitters as a ranged biomorph, Genestealers with Feeder Tendrils (to re-roll and maximize your rending potential), Termagants for ranged gaunts and keep your hormagaunts basic. The Carnifex will do well as a Sniperfex, but don't discount CC varieties since they can move faster with the Run rule.

You can also check out the army lists for ideas on configurations.
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