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Tyranids of Tau Online
Old 29 Aug 2009, 15:15   #21 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Tyranids of Tau Online

Not sure if this is a good thread to reply to questions in?
Short description of my swarm:
From left, front: Barbed Heirodule - extra tail spikes and face horns added.
Right behind are 3 old Screamer Killers converted into spider form Elites.
To their right are 60 old metal hormagaunts, followed by 120 termaguants (about 40 metal, and 80 OOP plastic).
The Rancornid is a converted Star Wars Rancor, and used as a counts as Heirophant. Many folks like it, but it is one of my least favourite conversions - Apoxy Sculpt head plates and back chimneys mostly. It is simply too recognizable.
Back area has 4 Armorcast Malefactors, and 3 Armorcast Exocrine (somewhat converted by additional spikes and face talons). I use the BoLS datafax for them.
Continuing down the right hand side, after the 2 unpainted Exocrine is a Dominatrix, converted from a FW Scythed Heirodule by Mr_Pink for me. Nothing like cutting FW resin into chunks to make a model...
And finally 2 Hive Tyrants.

The rest of the orange 'nids were from one of the other players in that Apoc game - we fielded 30K of bugs - grand!
Tyranids - the other white meat.
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Default Re: Tyranids of Tau Online

I always meant to post some pics of my Hive Fleet, but never have (and until just tonight never actually took a picture of everything I have. Anyway, I bring you...

Hive Fleet Hekatonkheires

And, next up in the spawning chamber...

And, next up in the spawning chamber...

Not pictured, 6x more Raveners, 3x biovores, and 60x Hormagaunts still in their blisters or sprues awaiting bio-genesis. I've still got a lot of building to do, and a massive amount of painting, but I get there little by little. You can see some in the picture above are in various states of construction or painting, with only a few models fully done - and even those I need to go back and do some touch up work on as my color scheme has changed a little since I started (removing the metallic orange for a fleshier pinkish purple.

My color scheme was inspired by nature, with the metallic purple exoskeleton derived from a dragonfly/damselfly I saw once when I was hiking, and the yellow/gold and black carapace from hornets and wasps.

I can't wait till I have it all done, but it's a long way off, so much real life keeps putting me further and further behind. I'll get there one day, but I think I need to buy myself an air brush.
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Default Re: Tyranids of Tau Online

big army you got there :P too bad it isn't finished xD maybe santa claus will help? :P I beg for it every year

keep up the work
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Default Re: Tyranids of Tau Online

I should get my army up here. Sadly only a small fraction of it is painted. I'll work on that, but maybe I'll take pictures of what's finished.

Or maybe I'll just take shots of them all and call it a WIP. or both. :P
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Default Re: Tyranids of Tau Online

Hive Fleet Mjolnir has grown a bit since you guys last saw it! It's grown from this to, well, this!

[spoiler=Hive Fleet Mjolnir]

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