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Battle reports
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Battle reports

Here are some of my battle reports, someone asked for them......

Points: 10000
Force: Hive Fleet Hydra
Enemy: chaos

I used a, odd, rule I made for this battle. The more kills each faction got the more reinforcements spawned from their HQ building,

"RAAAAAAAAHHHHGH!" Hydran roared. There was still no word from Chaos. Spit flew from his gnashing mouth as he smashed a wimpering prisoner in the face. "I want ever servant of Hydra assembled now! All units across Dxun, attack, do not stop, show NO mercy to these dogs! Hydran stood on top of a massive pile of corpses and felt the wind in his face. Dozens of squadrons of his fighters flew overhead launching strikes at weak points in the Chaos line. Below him hundreds of thousands of cultists charged forward screaming with all their might. Massive tanks rolled over the remains of the once proud, well, not proud..... city. The Tower of The Gods behind him belched spore mines into the sky, the very air was poisenous. Swarms of rippers charged across the city consuming the dead and living in their path. Swarms of gargoyles blackened the sky. Massive Tyranid creatures stalked acoss the rubble, roaring with rage and joy as they smashed into the utterly terrified Chaos marines. The ground caved in everywhere as Raveners lept up from below the ground, slaughtering their targets, then burrowing down again before a responce could be made. Numberless swarms of gaunts roared across the city, cutting massive holes in the Chaos line. The remaining Imperial units in the city were attempting to evacuate via the main road, only to be ambushed by thousands of genestealers, in less than ten minues three companies were gone completely, bodies and all. Lictors stalked the city, slicing down their pray or cutting off their legs, then dragging them into the shadows. Biovores fired mines everywhere, melting buildings and tanks with ease. Zoanthropes drifted through the city mentaly frying everything they came across.... Hydran started laughing, his insane shrieks resounding through the city. How could anything stand against the might of Hydra? As the last sounds of bolter fire died in the city Hydran stood up. Below him stood a massive legion of cultists, hate burning in their eyes.
"Servants of Hydra! Here me!" Hydran roared.
"We hear Lord Hydran, he speaks the word of the gods." The cultists responded.
"These worshipers of Chaos stand in OUR way, will they resist any longer?"
"No Lord Hydran, the enemies of the Gods can not win."
"They have desecrated the temples of the god's with their presence! What shall their punisment be?"
"Death Lord Hydran. Those who offend the Gods shall die!"
"If they come on their knees asking for mercy what will our awnser be?"
"Death Lord Hydran. These scum deserve no mercy."
"If they remove themselves from the Temples of the gods what will their reward be?"
"Life Lord Hydran. Their lives will be returned to them."
"This city is holy! Will it remain descretated by the presence of Non Beleivers?"
"No Lord Hyran, this city will be cleansed."
"The worshippers of the Insane, Unclean, Pervers, and Deluded have not respected our words, what will they respect?"
"Our holy rage Lord Hydran. None can stand against the servants of the gods!"
"What will you now do followers of the Hydra?"
"We will cleanse this city! It is right to purify in the god's name!"
"Go followers of Hyrda! Rid this city of the non beleivers! Cleanse it for the GODSSSSSSSS!" Hydran roared at the top of his lunghs.

Captain Invantra looked out of his bunker as he heard a massive roar rise up through the city.
"By Khorne that isn't good, better bring up the reserves." Invantra said to himself as he signaled his liutenants to send up flares........


This is the fluff from one of my battles in the last campaign for dxun. I will post more soon.
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Default Re: Battle reports

It is good, but a little weird Tyranids are talking.
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Default Re: Battle reports

Tyrant, i beleive that it is cultists talking, not Tyranids.

Pretty cool, but i do not see the actual battle report part of it, as the title of the thread says...
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