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RTT Report, Take Two
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Default RTT Report, Take Two

Okay, just got back home from a RTT in Tennessee, and didn't fair too well. I'll still post what happened in such, but I don't know what I could've done much better considering the circumstances. I just got unlucky.

First, here's the list I took:

Winged Tyrant - 229
Wings, Scything Talons x2, Toxin Sacs, Toxin Miasma, Acid Maw, Warp Field, Adrenal Glands(WS + I), Flesh Hooks, Implant Attack

Broodlord - 105 points
Extended Carapace, Implant Attack, Toxin Sacs, Flesh Hooks

Genestealer Retinue - 126
6 Genestealers: Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks


4 Rending Warriors - 128
Extended Carapace, Scything Talons, Rending Claws, Flesh Hooks, AG(I)

4 Rending Warriors - 128
Extended Carapace, Scything Talons, Rending Claws, Flesh Hooks, AG(I)


6 Genestealers - 96

6 Genestealers - 96

18 Spinegaunts - 90

18 Spinegaunts - 90

18 Spinegaunts - 90

16 Hypergaunts - 192

Heavy Support:

3 Biovores - 165

SniperFex - 174
Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler, Enhanced Senses, Flesh Hooks, Extended Carapace

DevilFex - 139
TL Devourers x2, Enhanced Senses, Flesh Hooks, Extended Carapace

Total: 1848

Battle One: Medusa V Battle

Well, once I saw the army I was up against I knew I was screwed. A Dark Eldar Army with 18 Darklances, mounted in 10 Raiders, with 3 Ravagers.

Before Game: There was little terrain, and he won first turn. Things were starting to look really bad...

Turn One: I tried to set up my better stuff in the trench I had, to protect from the Dark Lances. He took down my SniperFex, and killed some Hormagaunts, and moved a bunch of stuff into position.

When my turn rolled around, I just charged. There was virtually no cover blocking LOS or providing a worthwhile save, but I took advantage of what I could. I landed some BioAcid Mines in between two Raiders, and managed to kill them both.

Turn Two: He killed my Tyrant, and then my Warrior squad to my right, cutting off my right side Synapse. I lurked my Spines in the Trench, and it took a couple of turns to kill them with a 4+ cover save. My few remaining Hormas ran towards my center Warrior Squad.

My Devilfex moved into range and blasted away a Raider next to my Warrior Squad, and I got a LOS blocking cover from that. My warriors hid behind it, and spore mines took down a Ravager. I managed to get Spines within range and club an unlucky DE squad that was out of their transport.

Turn Three: He pounded my DevilFex with everything remaining, but only managed two wounds on it, somehow. He shifted his forced towards he middle, trying to get to my Synapse.

I managed one more kill with my DevilFex, taking down a Ravager. The Biovores caught 2 more Raiders, incinerating the squads inside. They were doing amazing about now, and he still couldn't do anything about them.

Turn Four and on: After this, he managed to get his Lord and Retinue into combat with my Warriors, and killed them. I massed with Gaunts, but with the lack of Synapse, they ran and were cut down. They hid behind the wreckage of their down Raider. The Biovores fired a couple more times, only missing once, and killed 3 more Raiders, bringing their kill count to 7 Raiders, 1 Ravager, and around 20 DE Warriors and 8 Wyches. A few Wyches assaulted my Carnifex, and managed to kill it last turn. The Broodlord was shot up, his squad Disintegrated(literally). When the game ended, I had 3 Spine Gaunts left, and all of my Biovores. He managed to defeat by just a little, under 100 VP's. He later went on to crush his other two opponents, winning the Tournament.


Game Two: Unplanned Assault

Opponent: Another DE player, but a Wych cult with about 4 Raiders and 3 Ravagers.

Before Game: I got first turn, and had a decent set up. Reserves were in effect, so no one really did anything.* There wasn't a mission objective until turn 3, where it was random. We ended up using VP's to determine the battle winner.

Turn One: Nothing happened. I moved Genestealers up into cover, and he kept two Raiders in the back, hiding.

Turn Two: Things began to pick up when I managed to get everything except my Hive Tyrant, 1 Warrior Brood, and 1 Spinegaunt Brood. I deployed my Carnifexes together, where they had clean shots on both Raiders, and knocked them out of the sky.

He got a bulk of his stuff, Raiders moved up and deployed a Wych Squad, and a Special Character Wych with a squad. They managed to kill my SniperFex, but the DevilFex lived through it and killed a couple of them in CC. The bulk of my forces were on the opposite end of the board, so couldn't help the Carnifexes.

Turn Three: I got everything but that Brood of Sinegaunts, and deployed them near my Fex, where the Spinegaunts tore up the Squad of Wyches with the Special Character. They assaulted her and she died. Another victory for my Spinegaunts! The Squad of Warriors and the Hive Tyrant assisted the Fex, but couldn't save him in time, and the Agonizer killed him. The squad lost combat with a -5 Leadership and were cut down by an angry Tyrant. Biovores fired, taking out a Ravager.

He just sat back, holding in bunkers, trying to keep me from bringing my numbers to bear. The left side was being led by the BroodLord, who just finished taking out a squad of Wyches. He assaulted with another squad with a +1 attack for their Combat Drugs, and killed all but the Broodlord.

Turn Four: My Hormas got into assault, helping the Broodlord, and killed all the Wyches. The Tyrant cleaned out a bunker of a few Wyches that had survived a crash. Everything else moved up, with Spines Wiping out a squad in the shooting. Two Raiders went down to my Acid Mines.

He saw the threat of my mines and went after my Biovores, killing two of them with Dark Lances. Another Wych Squad killed some Genestealers, and consolidated into my Hormas, killing all but 5. The Broodlord tried to help, but he died.

Turn Five: My Tyrant flew over, trying to get into combat, and fell short 1 inch. Spines tried to get into range, but fell short a bit. Warriors took out a Raider that was close by.

The few Raiders and Ravagers left took this opportunity to shoot at my tyrant, taking off two wounds, and killed the last Biovore. The last squad of Wyches assaulted, and killed the Tyrant. He had that squad, 2 Ravagers, and 1 Raider remaining.

Turn 6: Spines moved in and opened fire, killing the last of the Wyches. The warriors hid, trying not to give VP's to him. A lone Stealer tried to kill a Ravager, but couldn't roll a 6 for Rending.

He managed to kill some gaunts, but that was it.

Verdict: I fell short by 1 point of a victory. A draw, but well played.


Game Three: Suicide Squad

Opponent: A Kroot Merc player with 140+ models on the board. Scary!

Before Game: It's in the name, you chose a squad of troops or Elites that was the Suicide Squad, and they were trying to get killed. I took a Stealer Squad. It took forever to set up and just move, but he got first turn.

There was too much going on in this game, but it as mainly just assaulting and counterassaulting, with a bit of shooting from my Fexes, which didn't die this game and easily earned their points back. The Tyrant died again, after being assaulted by 30+ Kroot Hounds. I missed the Win by a little under 50 VP's, but I reduced his army almost 75%. Unfortunately, most of my army was gone too, with the Broodlord and his retinue, a brood of Spines, both Carnies, and both Warrior Squads surviving. We only made it through turn 4, when time ran out, but it was quite an enjoyable game, and many pictures were taken for two horde armies clashing.

So, I went 0/2/1, but I had fun, and got a Warrior boxed set for free. Next time I'll do better.
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Default Re: RTT Report, Take Two

Good work ^_^ Have a cookie. I'll read it later :P
Originally Posted by King Winter
Oh, ha ha. Masturbation. :
Originally Posted by HiveMined
...Huh? What the crap?
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Default Re: RTT Report, Take Two

Mmm... Cookie! I'll gladly have one! :P Thanks.
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