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tyranid anti-tank
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Default tyranid anti-tank

Hello, i was vondering what anti-tank a tyranid army can field. venom cannons aren't that good and the barbedstrangler doesn´t have the "umpf" in it. So i wonder what do you feild as anti-tank
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Default Re: tyranid anti-tank

As far as ranged weapons:

Venom Cannons can get the job done.
Warp Blast on your HT and Zoanthropes has the "umpf" that you are looking for
Biovores with the acid spore mines that roll extra for armour pen. may also be an option for ranged tank busting (and if you miss the mine may drift where you need it to go).

If you can CC the tank:

Anything with rending.
CC Carnifex (getting it there is the trick...)
Winged CC HT (this will be easier to get into position)
Lictors that deep strike behind the tank

There are effective options for the swarm to deal with tanks. I can see the initial frustration for a fledgling Tyranid player when they look at the bioweapons and the only one with the strength to damage will only ever glance on tanks (non-open top). Upon closer inspection though, you will find that they are many ways to crack that Russ or Land Raider.
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Default Re: tyranid anti-tank

The most viable pure AT unit that everyone seems to be in agreement upon is the Carnifex with a Venom Cannon and a Barbed Strangler. 3 shots with the potential to at least glance AV 14. Tyranid anti-tank is not so much destroying the tank, but keeping the tank from shooting. Every now and then you may get that 6 to destroy or 5 to immobilise a fast skimmer, but it can't be relied upon.

Warp Blasts also serve very well - their hinderance is range. Also, with only a half chance to hit, they are relatively unreliable unless en masse. In my competitive list I take 5 warp blasts (3 on zoanthropes, 2 on tyrants) and two of the aforementioned AT carnifexes. It suffices, but mech lists can still pose problems.

The most important thing to remember with Tyranid anti-tank is priority. You're never going to have enough AT to cripple mech lists or vice grip the balls of an armored company - learn the enemy tanks, what guns are going to hurt you the most, and shut them down first. In mech tau, always go for the railheads before the d-fishes. There is no time an SMS is going to hurt a swarm more than a submunition round. Or against armored companies, take out vanquishers and tank aces - things that have the potential to hurt a lot more.

Good luck, hopefully you will find something sufficient - unfortunately sufficient is about the best we Tyranids can amount.
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