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Tyranid Heroes
View Poll Results: What is your take on the removal of Tyranid heroes
A good idea 13 39.39%
Middle ground 13 39.39%
An unforgivable sin 6 18.18%
Other 1 3.03%
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 04:55   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Tyranid Heroes

Having recently heard from employees inside my local GW, I've learned that all Tyranid creatures are now null-and-void they can represnt a different model, but are no longer 'special characters/heroes'.

Correct me if i'm wrong, if not then please answer the following questions:

1)* What do you think aobut that?
2)* Why in heck's name did they do that?

Though having never played with it, I always admired the Red Terror and its horridly MASSIVE dripping maw & the Old One Eye's ability to return from the dead & then right after getting back up, rampage into the squad that just blew a hole through his pants. (If they are in charging distance)
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Default Re: Tyranid Heroes

I think its a good idea, if they're actually doing it. In my humble little opinion, Nids shouldn't have heroes. They are the ultimate in the faceless horde department. Well, not really faceless, but you get the idea.
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 05:48   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tyranid Heroes

Here's the link for the rules for the Tyranid special characters:


It's probally not legal in some tournies sense its not printed in the codex, but I'm sure it'd be fine in friendly games.

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Old 28 Mar 2006, 06:36   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tyranid Heroes

Apparently it was to place more emphasise on the swarms of tyranids, instead of individuals. Still i think it was a pretty stupid idea. I want my Red Terror!!! :'(
Originally Posted by Crazedmongoose
Also Hive Tyrant Horror has one of the best ideas around in my opinion. ;D
Originally Posted by The All-father
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 06:45   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tyranid Heroes

Nids should never have had special characters... they are all about the swarm and are souless monsters controlled by a common mind, therefore cannot have special characters
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 10:26   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tyranid Heroes

I disagree. Tyranids are a superior race always evolving into new form's, maybe the special characters are super natural creatures. Mistakes that were created, test that went wrong. Over experienced tyrants , there are plenty of explanation's just think outside the box.

Its already begun, and knowone will be left alive.
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 20:46   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tyranid Heroes

Yes, all they do is represent the more rare creatures, ao they are not in effect a "special character" or "hero".

It said in the 3rd Edition Codex that the Red Terror wasn't the only one of it's kind, only the one that people survived to write about it. It's entirely possible that they are more, they are just alot less common than other broods.

The same thing goes on with Old One Eye. The 4th Edition codex makes references to Super Fexes, ones that can survive virus bombings, unreal temperatures, unbearable climates. He is just an example of such.
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 21:40   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tyranid Heroes

A great idea. Tyranids that evolve to a level of distinction with abilities that the others do not have should be incorporated into the rest of the swarm. For all intents and purposes, they are animals. You don't see the animal kingdom swoon and sway over one that has bigger teeth or the ability to move faster. Soon that one animal that is exceptional dies but not before passing its stronger than usual genes to the next generation with the notion that the strongest traits will weed out the weaker ones. This is the same for the Tyranids, but on a larger and faster scale.

You see the examples in 3rd ed. Red Terror and 4th ed. raveners. You see it again in regenerating ability and crushing claws in 3rd ed. One Eye to 4th edition carnifex biomorphs. This principle may even be used to explain 3rd ed. Synapse Mutations to 4th ed. Synapse Rules (no mutations but immune to instant death). This is the evolution of the species and the hive mind knows that it needs to take the strongest and most potent elements in the swarm and make sure that all of its children reap the benefits. There is no room for a single "supergaunt" or "hyperzoan"; instead there is only the possibility of taking the strongest traits of each strain, perfecting them, and then releasing them as "standard issue" for the rest of the swarm.

There is no hero in a fire ant colony, only the undying, driving instinct to survive in the best way that they are able. Tyranids are the same (just replace "survive" with "consume").
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Old 28 Mar 2006, 23:19   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tyranid Heroes

I think that Tyranid 'hero's prove a very useful point in the game. In my opinion, they act as a chance to balance some new ideas that they want to use. When you look at OOE versus regenerating Fexes, OOE has a much stronger regenerate, which they found really would not work in the game, so they toned it down.

As for the Red Terror, there's no documentation if there's more than one, some believe that there are a lot of Red Terrors, so you still have them evolving as a separate brood, so it can stay.

I don't know enough about the Death Leaper to say anything there.

I think we need a special Hive Tyrant though, as he would follow fluff a lot better. He is actually thinking, versus Carnifexes and Raveners and what-not that don't actually think much.
Originally Posted by King Winter
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Originally Posted by HiveMined
...Huh? What the crap?
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Default Re: Tyranid Heroes


All tryanids are returned to bio-mass after an invasion. Or so it was when I last read thier fluff.
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