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Default Harpies

How do you guys feel about harpies? Are they any good?
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I haven't used one myself, but looking at the codex entry, it seems as if it would be effective, it's essentially a flying trygon with big guns. you can make one really easy by putting the wings from the hive tyrant kit on a trygon model, and attaching a pair of stranglethorn or heavy venom cannons, then maybe model the spore mine cysts with green stuff. i suppose you could send it into battle alongside a gargoyle brood and some tyranid shrikes, give shrikes lash whips and boneswords, and deathspitters or scything talons. DO NOT give MCs toxin sacs, it makes them weaker as they go from wounding on 2 or 3, to 4.

Hive Fleet Briares
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