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Alot of advice needed
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Alot of advice needed

i have been playing 40k on and off for a few years. i keep trying to give it a serious shot but i find my lists just arent competitive enough. Here is my list atm:

Hive Tyrant w/2 TL devs, Leech Essence, Paroxysm, Armored shell, Hive Commander, Old Adversary W/ 1 guard = 355

Deathleaper - 140
3x Hive guard 150
3x Zoanthropes in a pod 230

8x Stealers and broodlord = 174
30x Termagants = 150
Tervigon (Talons/ Adrenal Glands/Cluster Spines/Toxin Sacs/Catalyst)= 200

Heavy Support
Tyrannofex (Rupture Cannon/Stinger Salvo/Dessicator larvae) =265
Trygon Prime = 240
Trygon = 200

Im not sure what im doing wrong although i feel my list is two half reserve and half shooty. What improvements can be made. Trouble is i have these models already and would like to use them if possible:

Warriors (8), Deathleaper, Tyrannofex, Tervigon, Termagants (lots), hormagaunts (20), genestealers (12) and broodlord, Rippers (7), Biovores (3) and a spore pod.

If someone could just perfect that list :P problems i have is zoans miss too much, hive guard are killed easily and T- fex doesnt do enough. literally i just dont seem to pump out enough damage.
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Whenever I play nid's they don't horde and in that respect are hard to kill, just a question but how do you play?

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Kroot Warrior
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Walk forward with terma meat shield giving cover to hive guard and tyrant guard (in turn giving cover to Tyrant). Hive guard give cover to tyrannofex as they march forwards. Tyrant goes forwards besides tervigon so my 30xterma shield has ag, toxin sacs and preferred enemy when it gets to combat alongside any spawned squads. Also Then the reserves come in. zoans deepstrike behind vehicles, try to get ripper tentacles on a vehicle rear for a possible kill too. deathleaper usually deepstikes close to infantry and mostly gets owned. and ye stealers, trygon n trygon prime come in.
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