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nid 1495 pts please comment!!!!!
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Default nid 1495 pts please comment!!!!!

well i am a new user of tyranids, my main army is tau so i am new to the idea of winning in close combat, (is why i wanted them) i want to try and have a good friendly game army list so i have had a few ideas on what to use:

HIVE TYRANT lash whip+ bonesword, stranglethorn cannon, old adversary, armoured shell and toxin sacs. leech essence, paroxysm 265

HIVE GUARD BROOD 3x hive guards 150


HORMAGAUNT BROOD 30x hormagaunts w/ toxin sacs 240

HORMAGAUNT BROOD 30x hormagaunts w/ toxin sacs 240

TERMAGANT BROOD 15x termagants w/ devourers 150

TYRANID WARRIOR BROOD 3x warriors w/ 2x deathspitters
venom cannon 115

MAWLOC w/ regeneration 195

My plan is to have the 2 sets of gaunts to run up and take the enemy head on then have the gants lurking in some scenery unleashing volleys of devoures shots.
My hive tyrant will either move up with the gaunts or try and stick near my starting zone killing anything that comes near.
The nid warriors will try to keep up with the gaunts but im not expecting them to get very far so if the gaunts exceed synapse or get killed then they will do what the gants are doing.
hopfully if my luck is good my deathleaper+mawloc will arrive, the mawloc will use its terror from the deep to hopefully swallow a valuable unit (so far it has swallowed a whole squad of marines, a whole squad of terminators and a predator not bad for 195 points!) if it fails i will either re burrow my next turn or use it to kill of stragglers.
The Deathleaper will appear in cover near to a dreadnought or small unit to cause a little distraction (his 'where is it' rule should come in handy).
Finnaly my hive Guard will stick near to the edge of my deployment zones shooting at any tank or walkers that come thier way

Thank you for reading and please comment on anny changes i could make!
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if i was u i would drop the termagants and take something big
i'm da master
bla bla
u fail
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i was thinking about taking one but the gants have a better chance of causing more wounds by shooting than a carnifex could and also i need somthing to capture and hold objectives
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bring carnifex with 2 scything talons frag spines and bio plasma. deep strike in spore pod. fire bio-plasma, charge into close combat against tactical squads and such
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