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My Army List
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Default My Army List

Here's my Army List and Looking for Some Advice. Just in case you haven't seen my introduction thread, I play 4th Edition and (obviously) I'm a Tyranid player.

Tyranid Warrior: Barbed Strangler, Scything Talons. 28 Points
Tyranid Warrior: Devourer, Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs, Enhanced Senses. 31 Points
Tyranid Warrior: Venom Cannon, Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs, Enhanced Senses. 41 Points.

6 Termagaunts: Fleshborers. 36 Points.
2 Termagaunts: Devourers. 14 Points
3 Genestealers: Standard. 48 Points
2 Genestealers: Implant Attack, Scything Talons. 46 Points.
1 Genestealer: Scything Talons, Flesh Hooks. 21 Points.

1 Lictor: 80 Points.

Heavy Support:
1 Biovore: 40 Points.

So I have an overall 385 point army and I'm going against a mostly ranged group of Chaos Space Marines. We both have lots of areas with cover and a few wrecked buildings. So, is there any specific tactic I should use or new model I should get?
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