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my first ever nids list. PLEASE HELP!! 500 points!
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Default my first ever nids list. PLEASE HELP!! 500 points!

hey guys,

um recently i decided to start collecting tyranids over my old 1500 point eldar army. I went out and bought the new codex and i have now read it and i decided to try and make my first nids list. Im a fairly decent eldar player and i won 2 campaigns at my primary school last year,thats where im struggling all the tyranid stuff is confusing me so i made a rough outline of my army and i would much appreciate if you could help me assemble a 500 point army list which i will then advance to 750,1000,1500,2000,3000.

the army is as follows:

Hive tyrant w/wings--230 points

Zoanthrope x 1--60 points

Termagants x 15--75 points
Hormaguant x 12--72 points

Fast attack..
Gargoyles x 10--60 points

497 points.....hmmm if u guys could scrap and help me get 500-503 max that would be much appreciated!

uh thanks if u can help me and i will update my army list as and when it changes...
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first off, scrap the tyrant, thats way to many points for 500. hes almost half your army. hq a prime and throw in a squad of 4-5 vanilla warriors, or warriors with rending claws on the off chance you need them to take down a vehicle.
with all those extra point you should be able to toss in a squad of genestealers. stealers are the single most vicious CC Unit in the game. for point cost and effectiveness they easily compete with melee terminators.

termagaunts are ok at laying low and holding an objective... but other than that they usually flounder without the proper support. give them devourers if you want them to have actual fire power, but they become pretty pricey that route.

my 500pt build usually looks somethin like this...(and this is from memory so its gonna be a small bit off, point wise)

HQ Tyranid Prime

Elite 2x hive guard(decent ranged tank bustin/elite sniping)

Troops 4x warriors
7x stealers + toxin sacs(be extremely aggressive)
14ish hormagaunts
works out to somethin like 503... we usualy play +/- 1%
the hive guard could be dropped for say... another unit of gaunts, or even another 3x warriors... but they really pay for themselves. keep in mind that this is a pretty bare bones list off the top of my head. needs refinement. but its a great place to start playing against friends with a 500 point build.


*my first ever post*
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thanks! yea ur right my hive tyrant would have taken up to much of my army so i will go with a tyranid prime....but on gw website it says the only hq units are hive tyrant and hive guard or sumin....so where do i get a tyranid prime?? soz but im so knew to nids!

yea genestealers are pretty insane cos i had a battle for macragge set ages ago and when the genestealers were in one of the scenarios i always one!
the reason i wanted termegants was cos not much in my army had gunning power but with the warriors that aint an issue at all! when i thibk through again i will definately use your army list!....if i can find a tyranid prime........XD thanks!!

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Ok so i think the armys gonna go a little like this....

tyranid prime w/ boneswords + toxin sacs 100 points

hive guard x 2 100 points

4 x warriors 120 points
7x Genestealers w/ toxin sacs 109 points
12 x hormagaunts 66 points

495.....this isnt for certain so please still help me make an army it would be so much help!!
thanks to you giantshoe.....if you could help me improve it more it would be much appreciated!

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can i just say that waves upone waves of termagaunts are a b**** to kill

i know from experience
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