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1500 pts of win
Old 23 Jul 2010, 10:55   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default 1500 pts of win

1)Hive Tyrant: wings, heavy venom cannon. hive commander
2)Tyranid Prime: deathspitter, lash whip & bonesword
1)9X Warriors: barbed strangler
2)20X Termagants
3)20X Hormagaunts: toxin sacs
1)Doom of Malan'tai: mycetic spore pod
2)2X Zoanthropes: mycetic spore pod
1)3X Tyranid Shrikes: deathspitters

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Default Re: 1500 pts of win

if you re going to give your tyrant wings he should be cc. id go with either the heavy venom or the wings, but not both. i like the warriors. only 40 gaunts in a 1500 point game might end up being a round or two or cannon fodder if you get unlucky. same as with the tyrant, shrikes with deathspitters aren't optimizing their potential but rather trying to be half and half. 'nids don't do well in half and half. either dropped them for more warriors or gaunts, or get cc weapons in there. i would recommend getting more gaunts for them because sense there's only 3 they'll get lit up.
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Default Re: 1500 pts of win

i agree on the shrikes and lack of troops. i usually field at least 60+ gants in 2-3 broods.

If you want to keep the shrikes, i'd say you need a swarm of gargoyles to go with them.

personally i don't play a tyrant below 1850-2000 points anyway because of thier cost.

I'd be tempted to drop the tyrant, thats gonna free up about 250-300 points.

For that you could beef your skrikes up to say 5, then add to your troop numbers, more gaunts and maybe some stealers if you have the points.
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